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Template tools to help you build better processes

How frequently have you heard the adage, “You don’t have to reinvent the wheel?” Where there are tried and true solutions to a common problem, it doesn’t always make no sense to invest time and resources into coming up with new ideas to address what has already been solved.

An efficient approach is to leverage existing knowledge where it fits and turn your efforts to those challenges that require a creative, innovative approach.

Borrow from the best

Drawing on the success of past experiences is as useful in process management as it is in any other business venture. There are only so many variations on how to pay an account or so many steps at the heart of accepting a client order.

These are hardly new activities for business, and it isn’t necessary to try to establish new ways of doing these sorts of tasks when organizations have been successfully executing on them for decades.

That’s not to say there’s a one-size-fits-all solution for every business need. Innovation and customization are important elements when creating a foundation of processes for any organization. But to get started, you don’t need to gather the experts and brainstorm how to handle inwards inventory or employee onboarding.

For common tasks, why not get a head start by using the common knowledge of the business world?

A gallery of opportunities

The Nintex Solution Accelerator Gallery is a collection of templated processes, workflows, botflows™, and other tools that have been collected to give you that head start. These templates represent clean, clear, easy-to-use templates for hundreds of basic but essential business processes.

Gathered by Nintex experts, these templates have been made available to enhance business process management and automation in any context.

The templates vary across multiple departments and functions, providing anything from basic frameworks to detailed process maps and workflows, covering numerous business needs and areas.

Each template can be downloaded and applied in your Nintex environment immediately, then customized according to the particulars of your environment.

This means the hard work of capturing the basic shape of the processes and workflows is done. While the nuances – systems, forms, procedural particulars – may vary, the heart of the process won’t. And it’s that heart that the Gallery can provide, already beating and ready to power your business.

Local governments helping locals

In a similar fashion, the Nintex Promapp® Local Government Libraries provide a slightly more focused tool for civil service process management. There are specific challenges that governments at the local and regional level face and these are not unique to one area or town. Things like waste management, water care, parks and facilities, and community events are common across regions and counties.

The local government libraries are fully functional Nintex Promapp sites, dedicated to collecting the best local government governance examples and making them available to others. Where one council has wrestled with managing public protests or the health and safety requirements of public amenities, others are likely to have faced the same.

Local government processes for these can be found in the library, stripped of identifying information but retaining those key steps and activities that define the process, saving hours or even days of discovery and design for others.

With the template downloaded, any council can then customize the framework to be a fully-functioning process with the minimum of fuss and effort.

Build on existing process foundations

Maintaining great processes is essential to the ongoing function of any organization. Where those processes are missing or incomplete, it can take days of design and drafting to create the framework to carry them. There’s no need to invest those resources when the ‘wheel’ already exists and can be put to work, accelerating your business.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Build on what has already been established as best practice – with the backing of world-class resources, you can move forward with confidence.

Check out the resources available on the Nintex Solution Accelerator Gallery for opportunities to jump-start your processes.

If you’re in local government, learn more about how local governments are helping each other with the Nintex Promapp Local Government Shared Process Library, here.



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