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Choose the right technology solutions company for your business

Over the course of 2020, we’ve learned many things; we’re more adaptable than we ever thought, we hugely value social interactions, and loo roll became the most valued commodity in the world. In the world of technology, it’s been much the same (but without the loo roll demand!). In order to be successful, the technology you choose to help power your business must guarantee long-term resilience—no matter what happens. This year, resilience has meant ensuring people can work from anywhere. But it’s not just about location.

2020 has taught us the value of technology solutions for businesses that guarantee agility, resilience, and adaptability. Digital transformation is absolutely central to this. The technology solutions company that supports you must be able to guarantee you can continue working at your best whatever the future has in store.

That’s why we wanted to discuss the three most important attributes of a technology solution in the future – and consider how this applies to process automation.

1. Easy to integrate

Integration with your existing technology is an absolute must for an effective technology solution. It’s rare for a company to operate an entire technology environment from a single vendor. Even if you use Microsoft for almost all your business functions, there’s almost certainly some third-party CRM, project management tool, or HR software you’ll have to harmonize with it. Without easy integration between different types of technology, you eventually end up with information silos. When conflicting information occurs, you either manually correct and harmonize it, or risk different people working from different versions of the truth.

In the remote working world, this is particularly acute – because it’s already more difficult for people to find the information you need. When choosing a technology solution for your business, you, therefore, need to choose a solution that has a wide and expanding number of integrations. The goal should be to maintain one single version of the truth for all your valuable information – regardless of the app or device your user is viewing it through.

2. Low-code

As technology progresses, we’re increasingly moving to a world where low-code solutions are a priority. Once upon a time, if a business wanted to build their own custom app or solution, they had one option: hire expensive developers to build it for them. But if you need coders to build your solution, it also means you need coders long into the future – every time an update or change is required. In practice, this reduces your agility and maneuverability in the long term. What we’ve discovered in 2020 is that these things are no longer negotiable.

A low-code solution, however, can be used without the need for developers. In the context of process automation, it means that the workflows you build can be improved, adapted, and edited whatever happens in the future. Whether that’s another pandemic or just a change in the way you work, low-code solutions allow you to address these challenges as they arise.

3. Rich analytical data

The ability to proactively and continuously improve the way you work is key to any business. That remains the case whether we’re discussing automated workflows or any other type of workplace technology. Resilience and adaptability are impossible if you don’t have the information you need to constantly and iteratively improve.

So, when choosing a workflow automation solution, it’s vital that you prioritize the ability to gather and analyze performance data. It’s important for you to build a clear picture of how processes are progressing in your organization, which ones have too many stages, where bottlenecks occur – and who needs to be encouraged to complete their tasks faster. This information is key to allowing you to continue improving the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of your everyday workflow processes over time.

Everything you need with Nintex

Whether it’s easy integration, vast analytical potential, or low-code processing – all of these things are vital to creating a flexible and scalable workflow solution long into the future. In both technology and in our wider lives, the most important thing we learned this year is to not assume today’s situation will be the same in the future. That’s why agility, adaptability, and resilience is so vital.

Nintex one of the leading technology solutions company when it comes to process automation, with all the tools you need to make your workplace more resilient in the long term. The workflow automation platform is easy to use, low-code and allows you to automate any number of your workplace processes. Crucially, these can be easily adapted and flexed to meet the demands of an ever-changing workplace. The platform also comes with wide and expansive integrations with all major tech vendors, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft, Google, and much more.

But as well as this, the platform also allows for iterative and constant approvement, through the potential of Nintex Analytics, giving you a simple, top-down view over how your processes are performing. This is key to being resilient, adaptable, and effective – whatever comes your way.



If you want to find out more about how Nintex could be the right technology solutions company for your business, start your trial or contact us today.



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