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Introducing new task improvements in Nintex for Office 365

At Nintex, we pride ourselves on the excellent relationship we have with our customers and partners. We have a dedicated product feedback website where our customers and partners can share their use cases and ideas for product improvements and updates.

We carefully monitor the site and value the input that comes from it, and it directly shapes our product road map. One of the most popular requests we’ve received with over 400 votes, is finally here. Check out our new improvements in Nintex for Office 365.

Improved task actions

We are excited to announce improvements to Assign a Task and Start a Task Process actions. You can now add attachments to your initial task emails, as well as the ability to CC or BCC people in those automated emails.

Task email attachments

We understand the importance of providing participants the ability to review documents and respond to tasks quickly. By eliminating the requirement to log into SharePoint to see the task, you significantly speed up the approval process.

To take advantage of this new feature in your workflow, you will need to allow ‘Lazy Approval’ to Assign a Task or Start a Task Process actions.

Nintex for Office 365 

Email attachments will then be available under the Initial email section.

To add attachments, enter the relative URL and click the ‘Include attachment’ button. You can also add multiple attachments or all attachments from the list item.

Nintex for Office 365 

CC/BCC support

In addition to adding attachments to your tasks, you can also CC and BCC individuals on the initial task.

With this feature, you can CC and BCC recipients you want to notify but are not required to respond to the task.

For example, if the participant’s manager needs notifying that a new task has been assigned, the manager can be included as a CC recipient, as shown below.

Nintex for Office 365 

With these updates in Nintex for Office 365, the task approval email goes to the participant who needs to action the task as well as anyone who needs notifying, with all the information they need to make their decision. Participants who receive the email for task approval can review attachments directly from the email.

These updates are especially useful for tasks that are time-sensitive and need action right away.

Nintex for Office 365 


In this release, these updates are to the Initial email. Stay tuned for our upcoming release, where we will be including CC/BCC support and an option to include the attachments for Reminder and Escalated task emails.

We hope these task improvements will enhance your experience with Nintex and Nintex for Office 365.

If you have any feedback, please visit Nintex UserVoice.



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Lisa Tam

Lisa Tam is an Associate Product Manager for Nintex, based in our Melbourne, Australia office.

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