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Taking CX to the Next Level: The Benefits of Intelligent Process Automation

This post looks at the benefits of Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) and how organizations can improve their customer experience (CX) using IPA.

What is Customer Experience and How is it Changing?

The pace of technological change continues to accelerate. In the last decade, mobile technology, big data, and the cloud have transformed every aspect of people’s lives – from buying groceries online to booking flights with the help of a chatbot. Digital technology has permeated every aspect of our lives, including how organizations and their customers interact.

The customer experience (CX) is the relationship between your customers and your organization – it is how they perceive your brand based on their experiences of interacting with you. With the rise of digital technology there are lots of new CX ‘touchpoints’ (places your customers interact with your brand), but many of the traditional ones are still around too.

  • The traditional: Calling up customer service on the phone or talking to a retail assistant in store.
  • The digital: Visiting your website, talking to chatbots, interacting on social media channels, etc.

Good customer service will always win over customers – there’s no change there. What’s different is that the emergence of digital technology has upped the stakes in terms of what’s possible with CX.

Organizations can now respond to customers’ problems faster, more accurately, and with greater information at their fingertips. On top of this, customers expect to be able to interact with or connect to their favorite brands via the latest digital channels and social media platforms. This means that every organization must be on the top of its gam. As customer expectations for CX continue to rise, the technology methods available to address, connect, and interact with customers in delivering the best CX are constantly changing, as well.

What is Intelligent Process Automation?

For more than a decade, Nintex has been delivering an easy-to-use platform to help businesses automate processes. In fact, the Nintex Platform empowers employees by replacing slow, laborious, manual or paper-based processes with streamlined automated workflows that take the strain out of day-to-day work.

But why stop there?

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are the latest buzzwords tossed around to convey how organizations can continue to strive towards better customer engagement, retention, and experiences. The application of machine learning and AI to analyze large quantities of data generated by organizations is quietly revolutionizing the workplace.

There are many ways that this data can be used, one of which is to learn more about internal processes – what works and what does not – and to use the results outputted to improve the processes.

Often times, the amount of data being processed is too vast for a human to collect and gather any real insight from in a timely manner, but applying ML methods to that data can help produce common trends to help organizations make more sense from it all.

IPA is the next wave of process automation. It combines process automation with the methodologies behind AI, so companies can automate their processes and over time learn how to optimize, improve, and potentially even replace them over time. The technological applications of machine learning, natural language processing, and data analytics help organizations start to improve the processes as well as how they collect the data necessary for those processes as well; and Nintex is right there to assist.

What Can IPA Bring to the CX Table?

IPA can improve the customer experience both directly and indirectly.

1. Directly: Machine learning can surface data to show how you can improve processes that directly affect how customers experience your products or services. For instance, you can automate document generation processes, thus creating contracts quickly and accurately, speeding up the sales cycle for customers.

Applying different cognitive training methods to data outputted by that process can also help improve this further. For instance, you may learn that millennial customers are more likely to sign a contract quickly if you allow them to view and interact with it on a mobile device, while previous generations were more inclined to deal with things of that nature via a desktop or laptop device. Because many people now spend their times on their mobile devices, this would speed up the process for those customers and provide them with a level of service that is tailored just for them, therefore improving their customer experience.

2. Indirectly: Broken processes don’t only frustrate your employees (read Nintex’s report on broken business processes here), but it will also affect the customer experience too, as demonstrated in this video. As an organization automates and optimizes its processes across the line of business, this improves how the organization functions as a whole.

When the organization is functioning efficiently and processes are streamlined, this speeds up communication, improves collaboration, and enhances your employees’ ability to produce better work. These kinds of improvements will seep through to the customer experience – through better brand messaging, quicker responses on social media, better product design and innovation etc. The benefits of this will be felt by the customer at all CX touchpoints.

Take Advantage of the Benefits of Intelligent Process Automation

Say NO to slow, manual or paper-based processes.

Say YES to more intelligent, automated and effective business processed delivered by IPA.


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Eric Harris

Nintex Technology Partner Evangelist Eric Harris is a technology enthusiast at heart and loves solving problems. He enjoys working with Nintex and helping people understand how to better automate processes. Follow him on Twitter @EHarris04

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