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Takeaways from the 2019 Digital Workplace Conference

The Digital Workplace Conference was held in Auckland, New Zealand recently, and Nintex was on hand to demonstrate how our platform can contribute to faster, more effective business processes. Several of the Nintex team had an opportunity to share with delegates from around New Zealand about cutting edge developments in digital transformation.

Nintex technical evangelist Chris Ellis spoke to the audience about bringing human emotions into workflow automation as a tool to drive customer success. It’s a vital element for organizations that want to respond quickly to their customers and respond appropriately.

Using a tool like Azure’s Cognitive Services can help almost every business group to understand clients faster and respond more effectively to changes in their level of satisfaction.

“We need to know how people are feeling, organically within the business,” Chris said. “It’s important that organizations can feel the pulse of customer sentiment when it’s happening. We don’t want to rely on a monthly round table to figure out if people are upset. We want to know the minute they move into a negative mindset that they need help, that their experience has dropped. Likewise, if they’re at the high end of an experience we want to harness that in the marketing team.”

Superior customer services

Chris demonstrated using an example of a customer complaint to a property management company. Azure can ‘read’ the sentiment of a text response, extract key phrases, understand the language being used and categorize the entities like people, places, times quantities, and even currencies that are mentioned, then use that information as part of a larger workflow to route and respond to the submission.

In his session, Chris showed how the tool addressed the complaint within a simple workflow, recognizing a negative emotional tone and directing both the technical response as well as bringing an account executive into the conversation to address the customer concerns with ‘white glove’ care.

Beyond text, tools like this can bring this kind of capacity to workflows by implementing everything from speech to image interpretation, translation, and even facial recognition. This technology provides insights that supplement the raw data customers provide and empower businesses with a whole new level of understanding. “We’re in an age where we want to know things now and we want to act on them quickly,” Chris explained.

“If you can do that effectively you can cut wait times. If your customer is having a bad experience the longer they’re left to stew on that bad experience the more likely they are to go out and look at competitors. If that wait time is too long they might go tell their friends, they might post it online. So as an organization, getting in front of that person the minute they’re feeling that pain can go a long way to eliminating that potential domino effect.”

The simple strength of process mapping

We also took the opportunity to gather Nintex users from around the country for the first Nintex User Group in New Zealand this year.

There, Chris was joined by Nintex Account Executive Donna Outram, who demonstrated the process management capabilities of Nintex Promapp®. The platform’s strength is in its simple interface that engages business teams across an organization while managing complex enterprise-scale processes.

“People are using YouTube and Pinterest to find the information they need,” Donna explained. “They don’t want to read to page 10 of a really lengthy procedure to find what they want.”

With Nintex Promapp®, the information is easy to find and engage with, constantly up to date and a central source of truth for the whole business.

This was reflected in the experience of Erin Gray from Environment Canterbury Regional Council, who also took the stage to talk about the wider Nintex Platform and how it’s being used in her context. Erin is the Technical Lead for the Knowledge Management team and shared her story of the implementation of a Nintex workflow that made a significant difference to the organization.

She outlined how the process for managing consents – about 150 per month – was entirely manual, relying on spreadsheets and hard-copy documents, with little audit trail and a lot of work.

“It was a massive resource drain,” Erin said, explaining that this process alone dominated the workload of one administrator. Her team worked with the stakeholders, first in Nintex Promapp®, then through the Nintex Workflow tool to analyze the process and redesign it, before applying an automation solution.

“We’ve come to the decision that Nintex Promapp® has to come first,” she says. “The process has to be mapped in Nintex Promapp®, and we want to set the precedent of getting the work done, getting the process into Nintex Promapp® so teams spend less time with us asking about all the specifics and doubling up on the requirements gathering.”

The ease of use of the platform makes this possible, allowing one of her team who had never built a workflow before to become the chief architect of the solution. The outcome was significant savings in time and effort, with a workflow that eliminated seven redundant steps and would pay for itself within three months. The efficiencies achieved in just that one example had invigorated her whole team.

“Nintex has played a pivotal role for our team in being able to offer more automation solutions for the business in addition to the information management spaces that we develop,” Erin concluded.

Chris Ellis rounded out the morning at Digital Workplace Conference with a preview of what’s ahead for the Nintex Platform. With the addition of Nintex Promapp®, Nintex Sign® powered by Adobe Sign, and Nintex Nintex RPA, Nintex is now the most complete business process solution available, and Chris was able to demonstrate some of the exciting new features coming across the board in the next few months.


While the Digital Workplace Conference has wrapped up, make sure to keep an eye out for Nintex User Group meetups in your areas and contact a Nintex representative to find out how your business can benefit from our digital transformation tools.


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