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Three key takeaways from this year’s Legal Innovation and Tech Fest

The Legal Festival is an event we look forward to participating in each year, with legal thought leaders from around Australia and the globe. The Legal Innovation and Tech Fest is a thought-provoking event for all of the greatest legal minds to come together and share their learnings and technology projects with the industry.

This year, due to the current climate, we took this conference virtually for the first time which enabled us to bring customers and presenters from around the globe. During the conference we had some great conversations with the audience and we also got to observe 3 key drivers for 2021.

Driving business value through efficiency

It’s all about better business processes!

During the Legal Innovation and Tech Fest conference, there were a number of presentations from different firms talking about how the technology landscape of 2020 has enabled them to make great enhancements within their organization during the COVID 19 pandemic.

I chatted with several people on how improving their business processes and team collaboration has become a key priority. Organizations are recognizing the importance of continuous process improvement, which in turn influences the employee and customer experience.

There is no doubt that a better customer experience results in increased customer satisfaction, and by having effective and efficient processes in place, it helps ensure a superior experience for clients.

The Nintex Process Platform enables a culture of continuous improvement through process management and automation.

One of our customers, Shine Lawyers in Queensland, Australia, use the platform to significantly speed up new client onboarding and ultimately enhance the customer experience.

Shine’s solution provides an efficient service to enable lawyers to work better, smarter, and more collaboratively. This solution provided Shine with near $300,000 value in 8 weeks, with no marketing, no hard links on their website, and no formal solution launch.

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Getting the most out of intelligent automation and digital assistants

Intelligent automation, including the use of chatbot and RPA tools, continues to be a hot topic. More specifically, changing the language from Chatbots to digital assistants within the legal sector.

These technologies are more than just buzzwords. Rather, organizations have been increasingly turning to Intelligent Automation to eliminate tedious tasks, freeing employees to focus on higher-value work.

During our presentations at the Legal Innovation and Tech Fest, we shared how our customers are utilizing intelligent automation to handle high-volume, manual, and repetitive tasks through the use of intelligent chatbots and dynamic process automation in Australia.

Shine Lawyers presented a great story about their experience rolling out their intelligent automation project and specifically their use of chatbots. They shared an anecdote about how a dog called Rupert, which ran in Shine’s ad campaigns for years, recently received a promotion to a digital assistant.

Rupert the bot is responsible for running and fetching information for employees which has the added benefit of promoting excellent employee engagement. The best part about Rupert is he doesn’t need to take breaks, he won’t make mistakes with data input, and he just does what he has been told to do, which makes him a faithful friend for the organization.

Rupert is currently being used across the firm in a lot of complex data queries and data matching processes. But what’s next for Rupert?

Rupert’s new role will be the new internal Siri, not just allowing others to engage with him via text, but also by voice. He will be responsible for fetching information for leave requests as well as actively engaging with employees to complete the task, via the bot (digital assistant).

Check out more from Luiz in this great podcast brought to you by the Automation Alliance

The push for digital transformation in a post-COVID world

Around the world and across industries, companies have had to deal with new disruptions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, many organizations have taken this time to innovate new ways of working by deploying new technologies and solutions that help them navigate the “new normal” and maintain delivery of their products.

This year, there was a large focus on how firms are having to adapt to a remote workforce and how to continue to deliver an exemplary service to clients. During the first day of the event, there was a great presentation from Carolyn Austin, Director of Knowledge and Practice Support at K&L Gates, where she zeroed in on the next generation of lawyers and changing the mentality on moving to a culture of innovation. This mindset starts with “is there a better way to do this?”

The pandemic has exposed areas of weakness and risks for many businesses that have lagged behind in their digital transformation journey, while some businesses have been in a “firefighting” mode that has tested the mettle of the digitization and automation efforts they already had in place. Now more than ever, business leaders are focused on future-proofing their organizations with automation projects that will be critical for the rest of 2020 and beyond.

Thanks to everyone who swung by the virtual Nintex booth on the platform. We look forward to helping more organizations unlock their process potential and leverage the Power of Process® to drive true digital transformation.

To see more about what processes’ legal organizations are looking to automate in 2021, please download our free infographic.  



If you didn’t get the chance to see us at the Legal Innovation and Tech Fest and want to learn more about our Platform. Click here to see Nintex in action and discover what’s possible with the Nintex platform.



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