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ERP implementation and adoption – the perfect companion is Nintex Promapp®

ERP implementation is the ideal opportunity to collect valuable information that can be used after the project to lay the foundations for Nintex Promapp®.

ERP implementations can be quite disruptive to business and can cause a change management battle for months afterward.

The usual approach for processes is to capture current state processes as part of the requirements phase, to build an understanding of the ‘gap’ to your future state. This is normally captured on a combo of Visio charts and Word documents, all signed off as part of the project. This approach works fine for projects but hasn’t really got a good track record of helping the business afterward.

If you’ve been involved with these sorts of projects before, you’ll know the process stuff is largely ignored after the project. It’s pretty technical and project-focused – not easy or useful to refer to later. There’s usually a lot of good training and user guide material floating around after the implementation, again varying usefulness after the project.

Overall – a lot of hugely valuable information (developed at great expense) is essentially discarded after the project.

We coach our clients on taking an ERP implementation (be it SAP, MS Dynamics, Oracle, etc.) as an opportunity to build a useful base of process knowledge. You’re forced to develop this detailed understanding of your processes as part of the project, so why not do it properly?

A simple, central process repository with links to system guides is great for bedding in new processes, fixing teething issues in a systematic way (there’s a lot of that), and an information base that gives a real opportunity to change your process culture.

  • For example, the new Account Payable processes are now on Nintex Promapp®. Guidance is clear, easy to follow, and you can click through to the nice user ERP guides.
  • You can find the process quickly because it’s also embedded in the ERP menu, directly below the appropriate screen.
  • It’s also on the Accounts team SharePoint portal (if you use it)
  • It’s also on Nintex Promapp®, the place people go for processes…

When is Nintex Promapp® used as part of an ERP implementation?

We recommend capturing future state processes on Nintex Promapp®, after using Visio or Word to capture a light version of current state processes as part of the requirements phase.

Please note that the other alternative sometimes considered is to move your new processes (once they’ve stabilized) onto Nintex Promapp®. But in our experience, once you’re through an ERP implementation, not many teams have the stomach to look at the same processes again for a long time…

How does Nintex Promapp® support the implementation – before/during/after?

  • Before and during – similar to the old approach, helps build a picture of requirements.
  • After – it’s actually useful information. A knowledgebase that teams actually refer to, own, improve…


Quickly turn complex maps and documents, into consistent, compliant, and easy-to-understand process maps with Nintex Promapp®. ​See it in action


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