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Striving for automation agility with Nintex

Over the last few years, there have been many trends in technology innovation. One that stands out the most to us for its focus on speed and flexibility is ‘automation agility.’

Automation agility is a way to qualitatively measure the speed at which an organization can quickly spin up new automated workflows, and iterate on them to optimize and adapt to organizational changes.

With successful results such as significant cost reductions, freeing up human resources so they can focus on more valuable tasks, and the ability to ramp up automation to match demand peaks without having to add more staff, automation agility has become an important methodology to adopt.

Using the right tool for automation agility   

As automation becomes widely adopted within an organization, it becomes more important to leverage an easy-to-use, low- to no-code automation platform in order to stay agile.

Low- to no-code automation software is important for agility on two fronts:

  1. Low- to no-code automation enables not only IT and Ops professionals to improve productivity, but also line-of-business professionals and allied functions.
  2. It accelerates the creation of workflows, which allows for iteration and adaptability to change.

The constant pressure to adapt and accelerate the speed in which we do business, and the increased demand to do more with less, speed is no longer optional – it is a must.

When Nintex learned of Microsoft’s retiring of SharePoint 2010 workflows in Office 365, we knew customers are not fully prepared for the disruption this will cause in their organizations. Worse yet, impacted customers have less than three months to identify an alternative, then evaluate, test, pilot, and eventually migrate.

In such an instance, I’d argue speed is the most important factor in remaining a healthy operation.

Achieving automation agility with Nintex

Nintex strives to improve the way people work through process management and automation. Our technology has always been designed with our customers in mind – low- to no-code, easy to use, fast to deploy, and quick to value.

We believe that automation agility must be achievable by our customers — and we take it one step further. By giving you a variety of automation capabilities,  we ensure that your workflows are agile enough to quickly adapt to change.

In a recent webinar, Nintex Director of Regional Sales Wes Bishop, and Senior Solutions Engineer Terry Simpson discuss our approach to process automation at Nintex. Our endgame is simple – enable our customers to adopt our platform quickly so that they start to realize value faster.

Similar to the approach to those affected by the Microsoft announcement, we created a new workflow converter that allows customers to quickly convert a SharePoint 2010 workflow into a Nintex workflow. Now you spend less time identifying comparable actions and more time finishing the last mile of action configuration.

To learn more about the converter, read a recently published blog by Vadim Tabakman.

We understand that there’s a learning curve for any tech stack you adopt, but our hope with the converter is to minimize the time it takes for you to learn about our platform and maximize your chances of successfully migrating your soon-defunct SharePoint 2010 workflows to Nintex. As an additional incentive, Nintex is running a limited-time offer for our new customers who are looking to move from SharePoint to Nintex.

To watch this on-demand webinar, register here.

Ultimately, we want you to have the best experience with Nintex, and it starts with quickly migrating from SharePoint 2010 to Nintex. Once at this juncture, it’s about optimizing for automation agility.

For any other questions, contact us and see how Nintex can help you get on your way to automation agility.



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Paul Hsu

Paul Hsu is a passionate marketer with experience in marketing communications, product marketing, event planning, and go-to-market strategies. As a member of the Nintex Product Marketing team, Paul focuses on crafting and developing targeted messaging and content to help customers realize the value of process management and automation. Prior to Nintex, he spent more than 5 years at Microsoft marketing Dynamics, Windows, Office 365, and Microsoft 365 to public sector and enterprise organizations. Paul has an MBA from University of Virginia and is currently based out of the Nintex headquarters in Bellevue, Wa.

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