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Strategic Growth Improves Case Study Process with Nintex DocGen®

Consulting Firm Strategic Growth Inc. is an expert in developing successful methodology for Salesforce implementations.

As a Salesforce Gold Partner, the firm shares its success via case studies to highlight unique solutions. Salesforce also uses Strategic Growth case studies for its own sales and marketing activities.

To keep up with demand and Salesforce Gold Partner case study quota requirements, Strategic Growth turned to Nintex for a solution to improve its case study process.

Improving the Process

The firm’s case study process was slow, unpredictable, and manual because consultants had to download a Salesforce template from an internal portal, fill it in, and re-upload to a server. Occasionally, the template changed but not everyone received or remembered to use the latest version. Edits or re-work was inevitable.

Strategic Growth’s Vice President and Chief Architect Caleb Sidel says that “we used to email everyone, reminding them to download the new templates. If they did not we would get useless results.”

To drive better results, Strategic Growth leveraged DocGen® for Salesforce to automatically create documents that merge a company’s Salesforce data with custom templates. Using DocGen® for Salesforce was necessary for scalable case study production and also offered additional strategic benefits.

Strategy: Keep the process/information in Salesforce

Consultants consider Salesforce their second home.

If templates are circulated via email, the process may stall as email runs the risk of missing a busy consultant’s attention. If consultants closed off successful engagements in Salesforce, Strategic Growth thought about a way to simply the process: why not keep the case study templates in client account pages in Salesforce? This also would ensure consultants use the latest templates.

Here’s the improved process looks like with Nintex DocGen® for Salesforce :

  1. When consultants complete and close a project, they kick off a case study by clicking a button on the “Project Summary” object in Salesforce.
  2. Nintex DocGen® accesses customer data from the company’s Salesforce database and instantly populates the latest template.
  3. The consultants provide additional details and complete the case study.

Process Improvement Drives Results

After implementing Nintex DocGen®, Strategic Growth crushed its own standards and exceeded the Salesforce case study quota for Gold Partners by 300 percent.

Consultants eagerly documented their innovative solutions because the process for producing case studies was easier.

Strategic Growth’s marketing and sales teams also can illustrate the power of their consulting services because the improved approach to case study generation with Nintex DocGen® delivers: consistency, reliability, and speed.

Caleb Sidel

Now Strategic Growth has an arsenal of case studies covering industries, businesses, and regions.


To read more about Strategic Growth’s experience with Nintex DocGen® for Salesforce, click here.

Andrew Swanson

Andy is the VP of Enterprise Sales at Nintex. For the past decade he’s been providing cloud strategy and process automation tools to organizations around the globe. At Nintex, Andy works with customers, partners and employees to implement the tools and technology needed to drive success. He enjoys helping other organizations use Nintex to drive their digital transformation journey.

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