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Stay on track with the Nintex Promapp® Checklist function

Process management is an important aspect of any enterprise, ensuring compliance and efficiency of operations across the board. But managing your processes is only part of the battle. Once an organization has identified, captured, and mapped their essential processes, the next challenge is executing them well.

Once a business can get past unauthorized process variations, non-compliance, and non-existent process documentation, the next biggest operational concern can be the breakdowns that occur through process delays and derailments.

Even the best processes can be let down by gaps in their execution, where an activity is held up because the right people didn’t know about a due date, or where the trigger for the next step doesn’t get picked up by the team responsible for carrying on the process.

Nintex Promapp® checklists were developed to help overcome these problems. By using checklists, you can accelerate your process execution, fine-tuning the effectiveness of important business procedures, and reducing costly process breakdowns.

Using the Nintex Promapp® Checklist is as easy as 1-2-3

Here are 3 simple steps to using checklists for greater process performance:

  1. Start creating checklists

The Nintex Promapp® checklist function allows you to create a checklist from almost any published process. Simply click on the ‘check-box’ icon on the toolbar or select ‘create checklist’ from the menu. Each activity is assigned to a specific user, rather than simply a role, to ensure that there is an individual responsible for the step, and the checklist is given a due date to frame the process in time.

Those individuals are notified automatically when their part in the process comes due. Email and dashboard reminders keep the process in action, and users can easily sign off their step with a simple click of a button. By keeping the required activities visible, there’s less chance they will slip through the cracks of everyday activity.

  1. Understand process execution in action

While checklists are effective at keeping the wheels of your processes turning, they also provide insight into where the road might get a little bumpy. Process checklists can be used to pinpoint where holdups and breakdowns could occur and can identify opportunities for improvement.

Once created, the checklist will track completion and progress, with timestamped sign-offs captured on the checklist itself. It makes the end-to-end flow clearer and keeps users conscious of the key handovers, increasing cross-team coordination, and accountability. Where issues may occur, the checklist can track feedback and suggestions, providing a platform for continuous improvement. Once complete, the checklist also provides a record of compliance and evidence of execution which can be reviewed and referenced as needed.

  1. Tune-up your processes with automation

Once a checklist has been run, the timeframes for execution can be seen clearly. Running a checklist for the same process multiple times refines that picture and creates a log of where the delays or bottlenecks might be occurring. This makes checklists invaluable for reviewing process efficiency and identifying opportunities to optimize.

Where those delays relate to handovers or communications, automation may be the solution. Workflows and automated bots can take over data entry or transfer tasks, and activities like sending emails or creating documents can be handled automatically, reducing execution times and removing opportunities for errors. By running the manual process as a checklist several times, these opportunities for improvement can become clear and make targeted automation solutions more effective.

Nintex Promapp® checklists provide a clear and simple way to track your process executions. They give users the notifications they need to keep processes moving and provide insight into where potential breakdowns could occur. Take a look at your existing processes and consider where a few simple steps – and a checklist – could make the world of difference.



If you’d like to learn more about how the Nintex Promapp® checklist can help your organization to accelerate process execution and reduce costly process breakdowns, schedule a personalized demo of the Nintex Process Platform today.



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