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SSO via SAML is now available for Nintex Workflow Cloud®

We’ve been listening to your feedback, and we’re excited to announce that Nintex Workflow Cloud now supports SSO via SAML! This capability has been turned on for all Nintex Workflow Cloud tenants. Tenant Admins now have the choice of configuring SSO via SAML or ADFS, depending on their needs.

What is SSO via SAML?

Nintex Workflow Cloud uses Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0 to support single sign-on. SAML is an industry-standard for communicating identity information between two entities: An Identity Provider (IdP) and an application or service provider, such as Nintex Workflow Cloud.

With SSO enabled, users can securely and conveniently sign into Nintex Workflow Cloud using the same credentials they use in other applications, such as Outlook or Office 365. Users no longer need to create and remember separate credentials to access Nintex Workflow Cloud.

Nintex Workflow Cloud

We’ve launched SAML with an easy-to-use, step-by-step configuration wizard. The terminology for each required field changes dynamically based on what IdP is selected, dramatically reducing the chance for human error when configuring SSO. If SSO is misconfigured, users will not be able to log in to Nintex Workflow Cloud.

Our implementation also provides in-depth setup guides for the following IdPs. You can find these guides on the Nintex Help Site or click the links in the configuration wizard.

What are the benefits of SSO via SAML?

  • Most IdPs support SAML. This greatly reduces the work of connecting Nintex Workflow Cloud to your organization’s IdP.
  • Users no longer need to log in with their email and password every time they want to login to Nintex Workflow Cloud, saving time and effort.
  • Increased security. Users’ credentials continue to be authenticated by the identity provider and not Nintex Workflow Cloud. Any password policies created for your organization, such as password length, complexity, or change cycle, are also in effect for Nintex Workflow Cloud.


To learn more, read our documentation on how to configure single sign-on using SAML protocol.



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