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How Nintex Promapp® can simplify your Salesforce migration

Undertaking a Salesforce migration? Coming up against some challenges? You’re not alone. But there is a way to take a lot of the stress out of the process and unlock opportunities to improve your business operations.

At Nintex, we have seen the benefits of using process mapping to simplify Salesforce migration. In this blog, we share our story and explain how you can make your migration easier with a tool like Nintex Promapp®.

A Salesforce to be reckoned with

Salesforce is the world’s leading customer relationship management (CRM) software — with capabilities to streamline customer service at scale, with ease, and with the ability to dive deep into that customer data and drive insights. But this probably isn’t news to anyone.

Salesforce isn’t just a giant of CRM but of the modern enterprise in general. It boasts 150,000 customers, including 97% of the Fortune 100. If you aren’t using Salesforce already, there’s a good chance you’re planning to soon.

Salesforce migration: challenges and opportunities

Salesforce is a vital and useful tool, and there are many compelling reasons to use it. Here are two common ones:

  1. As a company grows, it reaches a size where a more robust CRM solution like Salesforce becomes a necessity.
  2. Mergers and acquisitions may demand that disparate CRM systems be merged, and a powerful tool like Salesforce is often a good option.

Yet, for both business cases, challenging questions can arise. For instance:

  • What should we migrate?
  • Do we need to take everything with us?
  • How can we migrate without disrupting the business?

Process mapping can help analyze the current state of your processes, so you can answer these questions.

What is process mapping?

Process mapping is the art of visualizing business processes so that everyone involved knows what is going on, how each process progresses, and what works and what doesn’t — making it easier to identify areas for improvement.

Process mapping tools like Nintex Promapp®can help overcome the challenges of a Salesforce migration, and help you unlock opportunities.

Using process mapping, organizations can create clear visual maps of the customer management processes in their company, allowing them to plan and integrate their customer information into the new Salesforce environment.

Process mapping benefits snapshot

  • Streamline the change management process.
  • Avoid unnecessary disruption to organization.
  • Enable employees to get back to business with little interruption.

Our own Salesforce migration story

In 2018 Nintex acquired Promapp® — the process management experts. The new team, which combined members of both Nintex and Promapp®, needed to merge the customer data of both companies. We used our new tool, Nintex Promapp®, to help.

The goals of our project were to:

  • Avoid delays.
  • Minimize impact on business operations.
  • Maintain excellent customer communication throughout the sales cycle.

Sarah Mainprize, Nintex Regional Sales Director for APAC, explained how the migration panned out:

“We set ourselves a deadline of two weeks to have the new CRM system ready for business. This meant we only had a small window during which to migrate records and have everything operational.”


The process began with two days of Salesforce training for the combined sales team. In these sessions, they were shown maps for a series of high-level processes in Nintex Promapp®, which outlined how to manage prospects and sales.


Process mapping provided a clear direction on how a sale should be managed. This included process maps which visualized how to manage sales in the Salesforce environment and as members of the wider Nintex team. The team then analyzed these, before providing feedback based on their experiences in the field.

“By utilizing Nintex Promapp®’s feedback capability, we ensured that there was a record of every improvement suggestion, and that the relevant people were aware of them,” Sarah said.


This helped the team carry out the migration in way that helped unlock greater efficiencies. The results were as follows:

  • Process inefficiency was cut by 75%.
  • We saved more than $85,000 per month.
  • Salesforce migration was completed within our deadlines.
  • We increased collaboration, engagement, and process quality.

You can read more about our Salesforce migration here.

Migrating to Salesforce with Nintex

Planning on migrating to Salesforce? Nintex Promapp® can help you map, manage, and plan your processes. But it is just one part of the Nintex Process Platform. With Nintex, you can manage, automate, and optimize your processes to ensure that your organization is operating as efficiently as possible.



To find out how Nintex can help you map, automate, and optimize your key processes, including a salesforce migration, get in contact with the Nintex team today.



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