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Nintex on Nintex: How we saved 30,000 person-hours with document automation

Nintex VP of Sales and Operations Charlie Dordevich came to Nintex ProcessFest® in October with an exciting success story to tell. In his talk, he shared details of how the Nintex team scaled the business without increasing costs – and saved over 30,000 person-hours along the way.

He explained how this impressive outcome was made possible through leveraging document automation and Nintex Sign®.

In this article, we’ll cover the highlights of his presentation, and delve into how the Nintex Platform is being used internally to dramatically improve complex manual processes. Read on to learn how you can utilize Nintex solutions to achieve the same benefits in your business.

Transforming Nintex Sales Operations

Like many businesses, Nintex has a Sales Operations team that is responsible for a wide variety of tasks. These include:

  • Sales forecasting and reporting
  • Managing proposals and SLAs
  • Closing and fulfilling orders
  • Managing CRM
  • Managing renewals
  • Organizing sales compensation and incentives
  • Optimizing lead flow

The focus of Charlie’s story was the transformation of Nintex’s renewal processes. It was this move, he explained, that made it possible to scale the business without increasing costs.

From the front end (distribution and quoting), all the way through to the back end (fulfillment and licensing), we were able to automate every step of our renewals. This allowed us to free up a significant amount of time for our sales reps.

Knowing where you are by knowing where you’ve been

In 2016, Nintex had about 5,000 customers and over 6,000 renewals each year. Each renewal required the same amount of time and effort to complete, regardless of transaction size.

The challenge was how to scale up the process so that reps could take on (and execute) more work. We realized that we needed to find something to automate at least a portion of the process to free up some additional time.

The team started by leveraging configure, price and quote (CPQ) software to allow us to quote more effectively, index, and manage multiple currencies. This was a good start, but scaling was still an issue. It seemed that in order to grow, we would need to hire more employees to manage the additional work. There had to be a better way.

“The distribution of time as related to scale was causing us issues. We were spending the same amount of time, whether the renewal was $8,000 or $80,000.”

– Charlie Dordevich, Nintex VP of Sales and Operations

After taking a step back, the team realized that a lot of process data was spread over a variety of platforms. There was also a lot of process information that had not been documented. That was the source of the problem.

Charlie analyzed the situation as follows:

  • Manual data entry would bog down renewal reps processes right at the beginning.
  • Every subsequent step would then be affected. As renewal volume increased, the issue only got worse.
  • Time-consuming manual data entry also led to inconsistencies in the renewal process, which had a negative impact on customer satisfaction.

Solving the issue with Nintex document automation

The next step was to outline our renewal process and layout each step in detail so that anyone could follow. This highlighted bottlenecks in our processes that required a lot of manual data entry. We had not yet acquired Promapp®, so we spent a lot of time documenting renewal processes using tools that weren’t ideal for the task.

Once we had all the necessary data, we began automating our processes in full using Nintex Workflow Cloud®. This allowed us to automate every step of the renewal process, including sending customer invoices, prompting approvals with Nintex Sign®, and completing fulfillment tasks.

We implemented a standard renewal process for the entire Nintex team globally. Our renewal team were able to focus on complex renewals and our order team was able to fulfill demand without adding more people to their team.

The numbers tell the story

By automating 90% of our manual processes, we’ve been able to solve bottlenecks in our renewal processes. We have also implemented Nintex document automation, helping us achieve exponential scaling without exponential hiring. Changes that once took 45-60 minutes to complete can now be carried out in just a few. We’ve reduced late renewals by 20%, increased customer satisfaction, and, perhaps most impressively, saved over 30,000 person-hours.

In our own experience with Nintex, we were able to manage, automate, and optimize our processes to ensure that our organization is operating as efficiently as possible. That’s why we’re so passionate about our product: Firsthand experience improving the way people work.


To find out how a combination of solutions like Nintex document automation and Nintex Sign® can help you to solve complex issues in your business, get in touch with us today.


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