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Help the new kids in class: Simplify onboarding and training

As another new school year kicks off in North America, there is likely some nervousness and anticipation around new schools, teachers, and classrooms in many households across the country. This is not dissimilar to the way a new employee feels when they move into a new role or organization and kick off the onboarding and training process – it can feel a bit like the first day of school.

Unfortunately, this feeling is easily compounded when onboarding and ongoing training plans are managed with a collection of spreadsheets or outdated procedure manuals.

While they may attempt to record who has been trained in what, and when, they don’t support an agile environment or reduce the interruptions that a new hire can inadvertently cause.

The onboarding challenge

In fact, these spreadsheets and folders can create as many problems as they try to solve. They’re usually kept in a variety of places, are time-consuming to update, and they’re prone to human error.

Training records managed this way are seldom easy for execs or their teams to access. That means not only is the new team member unable to function effectively, but they slow down the whole team.

Much like the first few days back at school, productivity takes a back seat to orientation and answering simple questions, often more than once. Managers and colleagues alike face increased interruptions or spend precious time hunting for documentation on long-forgotten procedures.

Nintex Promapp®’s training dashboard eases this pain. With it, teams and managers can acknowledge and sign off their own training and competency units as they’re completed. Having all the relevant information in one place saves execs time, keeps teams focused on strategic objectives, and ensures everyone in the organization can easily see who has been trained and who hasn’t.

Training demands levels of governance

Increased compliance requirements for ISO competence, growing health and safety demands and ever-changing legislation all put pressure on organizations to find more efficient ways to monitor their teams’ training progress. Just like a teacher on the first day of school, managers can feel the weight of these expectations.

Role-specific training, and particularly operator competence, is a growing focus of industry audits.

It’s no longer enough to simply indicate that a team member has attended training on a given topic. Today, organizations must be able to produce evidence that those people who operate critical parts of the process are competent to do so – that they understand the process, including the impacts and the risks of their work.

Simplify onboarding and training

Track training progress in real-time

Scattered and incomplete training materials were a familiar problem for the Tararua District Council in New Zealand. They were aware of a knowledge gap between the processes they had already captured, and the day-to-day know-how of their staff. When new team members joined the council, they were reliant on the incumbents bringing them up to speed in numerous areas.

“Managers quickly realized that with Nintex Promapp® they could easily identify and fill the gaps in what their teams are actually doing every day,” says Peter Wimsett, Deputy Chief Executive – Manager Strategy & District Development at Tararua District Council. The use of planned and prepared onboarding regimes enabled new staff to become more effective, more quickly, and existing staff suffered fewer interruptions. Overall, it was a win for efficiency and effectiveness.

Since it’s connected to the council’s library of processes, they’ve found Nintex Promapp®’s onboarding and training functionality an effective way to ensure new staff are immediately familiar with what’s expected of them. The council uses it for everyone from front line staff to new councilors. “Giving councilors access to processes when and where they need them has increased elected members’ confidence that they are part of a well-run business, plus they get to tangibly use the business processes,” noted Peter.

Regardless of the role, the onboarding and training add-on is easy for new staff to use. Information about training units, competencies and those responsible are all visible from the trainee’s dashboard and they can review or sign off training units with a simple click of the mouse.

Achieve business objectives and engage teams

Other features contained in Nintex Promapp®’s onboarding and training add-on include:

  • Training units that automatically update onboarding records
  • Personal training notifications, including the expiry of certification
  • Mobile device sign-offs for training attendance and process change acknowledgments
  • Ability to associate training response with an incident ticket or compliance risk

The biggest benefit? By integrating training and process management, organizations can increase team engagement and promote a continuous learning culture.

If you can still remember the jitters you felt on the first day of school, you’re not alone, but onboarding new staff doesn’t have to feel that way. Ditch those spreadsheets and integrate your training with your process management for faster, smoother onboarding for everyone.



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