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Improve your processes with service delivery automation tools

Automated service delivery can be transformative for your business. More than ever, organizations are looking for ways to cut costs and increase efficiency and productivity. And automation is already a mainstay across the business landscape. According to a survey by Deloitte, about half of those surveyed said their organization used automation to improve business processes—and 24% said they use AI and robotics to perform routine tasks.

Today, organizations of all sizes are using AI in data analytics to understand optimal aspects of an email marketing campaign or process repetitive tasks in minutes rather than days. And it can also be a key component for better, more efficient digital service delivery. Today, we’ll look at what are the right service delivery automation tools for your organization.

What do we mean by digital service delivery?

When we talk about digital service delivery, we mean the transfer of information via the web, or on mobile devices, that needs to be processed on the other end. It’s a transaction between two parties—usually involving a purchase of goods or services. From ordering a pizza and watching a movie to applying for a new passport. And because we’re used to seamless digital experiences, when they go wrong it can be extremely frustrating.

Customer expectations are incredibly high when it comes to service delivery. If your organization struggles to not only provide the basic level of delivery but to go above and beyond for your customer, your bottom line is going to know about it very quickly. However, with sophisticated automation solutions, organizations can put in place processes that deliver a smooth end-to-end experience for the customer every single time, without burdening your employees.

The benefits of automating digital service delivery

There are many benefits to automating your service delivery processes. Both for your customer and your employees. Benefits include:

  • Reduced overheads
  • Greater accuracy
  • Streamlined internal processes
  • Increased speed of delivery

That last advantage is key. When the right automation solutions are in place, customers can look forward to delivery sooner. And that’s the kind of service that keeps them coming back to you.

Automating digital service delivery in the real world

So far, we’ve taken a high-level perspective, but you’re probably wondering about the specifics: tangible, real-life examples. Let’s look at how automated digital services can work in practice:

The order-to-cash process

For the order-to-cash process, there are numerous steps involved when your organization receives a sales order. That means there are lots of places the process can come unstuck, including when employees are inputting information from leads or processing sales orders. Trying to manually manage these steps takes time and is laborious. Along with that, there is a high chance of human error and the process can be easily delayed.

How the right automation solution solves it

An RPA bot can read an order as it comes in and automatically inputs it into your systems, immediately and without the risk of human error. When a lead makes an order via a digital form, the information is routed to the sales team automatically, and at the same time, proposal documents are autogenerated and sent to the relevant personnel for confirmation, signatures, and to capture the sale.

The right service delivery automation tools for you

There are many automation solutions out there. When it comes to successful digital service delivery you need to make sure you have the right capabilities at your disposal. Nintex Workflow Cloud is designed to improve your processes no matter how complex. It’s a low-to-no code platform that allows you to quickly and easily build the specific workflow automation solutions that your service delivery process calls for, no matter how large or complex.

At Nintex we believe that it’s your employees involved in the everyday slog of a process that understands it best, and therefore know what it needs to be improved. Hence, we make it simple for line of business to create and execute the workflows they need, using our drag-and-drop designer that prioritizes ease of use.

Nintex Platform is especially relevant for digital service delivery as it provides a whole host of automation tools, including:

  • Advanced Workflow
  • Modern Forms
  • Mobile Apps
  • Advanced Workflow
  • Modern Forms
  • Process Mapping
  • RPA
  • And more!

All the sophisticated tools you need to create a great customer and employee experience.

Check out our Workflow Wonders webinar with the City of Hobart, which looks at how Nintex helped the city improve the services it delivers to citizens. Or if you’d like to find out more about the power of our automation solutions and the role they can play in your organization’s digital service delivery, get in touch and we can show you much more.



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