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Declare your independence from intolerable processes

Today, a lot of businesses are still bowed under the weight of poor business practices and intolerable processes. Inefficient and overly complex processes can restrict your business and prevent it from reaching its potential.

If disengaged teams are slow to respond to change, your organization will end up paying ‘tax’ on those shortcomings.

The signs of a weak process culture are the same, despite every organization being unique:

  • Teams spend large parts of their time fire-fighting issues and problems.
  • There is little or no collaboration amongst different teams.
  • Morale is low, and process and change initiatives frequently seem to fail.

If this sounds familiar, it’s time to put a stake in the ground and free yourself from the restrictions of ill-defined and intolerable processes.

Here are 3 ways that can help:

1.  Breathe new life into your business process management

Jefferson originally wrote of the inalienable right of all people to the preservation of life. While the Committee of Five edited that statement down, the concept remains. In a business context, longevity and prosperity come about through good governance steering your business transformation efforts. Without it, any attempt at transformation can easily go off the rails.

Nintex Promapp® encourages teams to engage with the processes that matter to them, and shepherds the improvement efforts with group champions. By anchoring governance in the business groups themselves, teams maintain momentum and have a vested interest in improving their workflows, with executive oversight tying everything together for the good of the whole organization.

Derek Miers of Forrester Research points out that this kind of oversight ensures business transformation doesn’t lose traction and leave projects disconnected, reducing performance and ultimately impacting the life of the organization.

2.  Stamp out complexity to liberate teams

Under the oppression of the Intolerable Acts, the fledgling nation of America was more than ready for the Declaration’s promise of liberty. In business, the freedom to respond to the market, to be agile and innovative is essential, but poor processes will stand in your way.

Unnecessary complexity and outdated processes have the potential to tie teams up with inefficient procedures that will frustrate them and impact their ability to achieve their – and your – business goals. Samantha Searle, senior research analyst at Gartner points out that, “few leaders recognize that business process management (BPM) can help them achieve the adaptability they seek.”

The key to effective process management is for owners to make it easy to find, update and follow processes. If this isn’t easy, teams quickly exercise their liberty to ignore.

3.  Passionate business teams affect organizational happiness

Effective BPM will also set your organization up for the business equivalent of the pursuit of happiness. Nintex Promapp® founder, Ivan Seselj, champions the team benefits of a good process improvement culture. ‘Giving teams the autonomy and resources needed to map, review and ultimately own their own processes and improvement ideas will have a major impact on process engagement.’

When teams have the opportunity to provide feedback and engage in conversation about process improvements, they are more invested in seeing those processes work well. It adds satisfaction, commitment and engagement, which sounds very much like happiness for your organization.

It’s not hard to liberate your organization from the intolerable processes that are holding it back. It only takes a small group of passionate people to change the core of your business, and it’s worth the effort.

The Harvard Business Review identifies good process management as a significant key to success. ‘Firms with strong managerial processes perform significantly better on high-level metrics such as productivity, profitability, growth, and longevity.’

Invest in great process management then break out the fireworks to celebrate your own independence day and the freedom to move confidently into the future, whatever it holds.



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