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Sales Success: Workflow Designers as Force Multipliers

Sales leaders are always looking for ways to build momentum and achieve maximum performance from their teams and individual contributors. Every year like clockwork, the quota goes up 20%, the hiring plan includes an additional 5% in the workforce and leaders are left asking, “How can I do more with less?” 

Workflow designers have become the force multiplier for organizations looking to do more with less. 

One study revealed that while leaders measure success in growth and new business, sales reps face many unrelated challenges. The daily exercise of developing new leads, closing business and supporting current customers is riddled with manual process and downtime.

In fact, the survey found that sales people spend most of their time doing activities that are not directly related to their primary role:

Sales metric

Combined, low-value activities like searching for content and admin, are taking up just over half your sales org’s time every day. Half the day is lost before we even get into the office and with “more” work coming, a new way of automating business has become mission-critical.

Workflow designers deliver data, content and efficiency by putting people at the center of process.  If we think through the problem through the eyes of the individual, we can see the daily slowdowns, the repeated tasks, and manual process that slow down your success.

Let’s explore what the low hanging fruit might look like at your organization:

  • Generating an Order Form

    Every time a successful sale is made, a sales executive draws up a sales order and sends it on to the customer.

    While most organizations have a basic template, the sales person will still have to spend a large amount of time adding generic, repeat information into these forms, forwarding it to colleagues to add further details about what will be delivered and chasing up senior staff to review and sign off.

  • Managing Strategic Account Reviews

    A critical component to closing business is knowing your customer and what drives their interest in your product.  Supporting that customer and potentially expanding the relationship further warrants a deeper understanding of not only their business but how that business is impacted by what you provide.

    Sales spends countless hours assembling data from multiple systems, manually crunching the numbers and piecing together PowerPoint presentations.

  • Filing Expense Forms

    Sales people travel more than most, and to get reimbursed for airfare, taxis, food and other business travel expenses, they need to return expense forms to their finance team. Filling in this kind of form is a simple process but can turn into a real time-consuming nightmare—dependent on them keeping paper receipts and ensuring nothing gets lost.

  • Compiling Reports

    Sales managers need to carry out regular analysis of how their teams are performing on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, and so typically spend a significant portion of their days drawing data in from their various systems to discover the number of leads generated, the number of calls made and the number of meetings attended.

    Reproducing this kind of report on a regular basis is a huge drag on productivity.

These are just a handful of examples of how your sales team is spending half their day away from the prospects and customers supporting your business.

How a Workflow Designer Can be Your Force Multiplier

A workflow designer recognizes that repeat processes underpin a large proportion of the work performed by your sales team. By rationalizing all the steps that are included in these processes, a workflow designer can automate the process that fuel success.

Let’s see how the workflow designer within Nintex Workflow Cloud could speed up the process of drafting up a sales order:

  • Your sales person verbally agrees a new deal with a customer.
  • She can then use Nintex Drawloop® for Salesforce to create a standard sales order document which automatically fills in the essential data to the order: from sales number to VAT information and more.
  • Based on the discount, the Nintex Workflow Cloud routes the sales order to her manager for approval.
  • Her manager receives an email containing the sales order. Because Nintex Workflow Cloud integrates with Office 365, the manager can review and make edits to the document in Word Online from his mobile device.
  • If the manager is taking too long to fill in and respond to his colleague, Nintex can automatically send reminders.
  • Once approved, the salesperson can then send out the document to the client for approval.

By automating the entire process of creating, writing and then approving a document as simple as a sales order, Nintex workflow designer can significantly reduce the time spent completing this kind of repeat task.

Give Your Sales Organization the Force Multiplier They Need to do More with Less

A workflow designer empowers your sales team, significantly impacting what they do with their time and energy.

By cutting the time spent carrying out repeat tasks and making content-centric processes significantly smoother, they will immediately have more time to dedicate to working with customers, promoting your brand and, ultimately, boosting your bottom line.

Walk into the office confident you have the right process, people and data to deliver success for you, your managers and everyone on your team.


To learn more about how Nintex’s workflow designer can help your sales team boost productivity, contact us today for a free trial of Nintex Workflow Cloud.


Andrew Swanson

Andy is the VP of Enterprise Sales at Nintex. For the past decade he’s been providing cloud strategy and process automation tools to organizations around the globe. At Nintex, Andy works with customers, partners and employees to implement the tools and technology needed to drive success. He enjoys helping other organizations use Nintex to drive their digital transformation journey.

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