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Sales Documents: From Productivity Pain to Gain

No matter your organization or your title, you deal with documents daily, and any organization that sells products or services deals with sales documents. As you’ve probably experienced, jumping from screen to screen to manually generate and edit documents takes valuable time that could be better spent.

For sales executives and salespeople alike, sales documents are here to stay, but that doesn’t mean the process to create, edit or send them needs to be so time-intensive. Automating document generation lets you generate sales documents entirely within Salesforce.

 Spend More Time with Customers, Not Sales Documents

Sales professionals often need to create proposals for new opportunities.

The typical process can look like this:

  • Find the last proposal created
  • Copy the contact, account, pricing and other information from multiple Salesforce records
  • Paste the data into the existing proposal with the good ol’ “find and replace” method
  • Locate and edit a previous email template or write a new email to the potential customer
  • Send the email
  • Return to Salesforce to attach the proposal document
  • Manually update the Opportunity stage
  • And lastly, send and store the required document(s)

It’s a fairly manual process that requires a lot of attention to detail to ensure everything is updated correctly, and requires significant time depending on the number of documents you need. But what if there were a better and less manual way to do it?

Using Nintex DocGen® for Salesforce, the process looks like this:

  • Salesperson goes to the prospect account in Salesforce to confirm the data is up-to-date
  • Selects the documents needed from a dropdown list within Salesforce and clicks a button
  • Nintex DocGen® generates the proposal, emails it, automatically attaches it back to the Opportunity record, and updates the Stage field

Overall, document generation reduces the process to minutes not hours, and eliminates the risk of error. The sales documents are easy to access any time because they’re stored and attached to the appropriate Salesforce contact and/or account.

This is reality for salespeople of companies that have adopted Nintex DocGen® as their document generation solution for Salesforce. No matter the scenario, you can eliminate the painstaking process of generating, managing and distributing documents, which may include the following:

  • A custom cover letter (docx) and an Introductory marketing brochure (PDF) requested by a new prospect
  • A presentation (PPT) for a first-time meeting, specific to the customer’s industry
  • A contract (docx) with state-specific terms and conditions that needs to be routed to legal prior to sending to the prospect
  • A contract (docx) where advanced product pricing is automatically calculated using Excel as the calculation engine/middleware between Salesforce and Nintex Drawloop Document Generation, which also updates the Salesforce record with this calculated value

Efficient Planning and Forecasting

Automating document creation not only helps sales team members, but is also a win for sales executives. When it’s easier for salespeople to keep their customer data up-to-date, it’s easier for sales executives to create pipeline and account summaries.

Many companies adopt Salesforce to create a consistent process and use a single platform where they can pull sales performance metrics and goal-level attainment data. However, there’s no guarantee that salespeople are following the process, or that the data is up-to-date or accurate, especially if the sales team is creating presentations, quotes and other sales documents outside of Salesforce. With document generation, the sales team can access their required sales documents only in Salesforce.  This means one thing – their Salesforce data needs to be accurate and up-to-date, otherwise, their documents won’t be.

By generating sales documents entirely within your Salesforce environment, you will:

  • Increase Salesforce adoption
  • Create an even more consistent sales process
  • Improve Salesforce data compliance, quality and accuracy
  • Create a replicable document process across your entire sales organization
  • Enable reps to send more professional, consistent sales documents
  • Improve sales rep productivity
  • Train and ramp up sales teams in little time

In addition, sales executives can generate all account plan presentations and forecasts directly from Salesforce). Since Nintex DocGen® for Salesforce relies on Salesforce data to generate documents, the account plan presentation will be accurate and up-to-date, freeing up hours of time spent manually implementing these processes.

Customer Success Stories Automating Sales Documents

Yamaha has a complex sales structure – multiple divisions that each sells various music and audio products to a large number of retailers and their individual dealers. With document generation, Yamaha reduced the time it takes to produce legal contracts and agreements from weeks to minutes.

“Nintex DocGen® provided visibility into our contracts that previously did not exist,” says Mike Machado, Yamaha C.R.M. manager for the Customer Experience Group. “Now we can view updated information at both the child and parent level. Before, it would take hours to update the child contracts or query too find them.”

Strategic Growth uses Nintex DocGen® to automatically create documents that merge their Salesforce data with established templates to create case studies for their clients. Consultants click a button in Salesforce to kick off the process and Nintex Drawloop automatically populates the latest slide template with customer data.

“We’ve made case study generation with Nintex DocGen® so convenient, quick and reliable, there’s no reason for a consultant not to do it and do it right. The results are accurate and predictable. It never fails,” said Caleb Sidel, Strategic Growth Vice President and Chief Architect.


Whether you’re a salesperson or executive, using Nintex DocGen® for Salesforce for your sales organization eliminates hours of manual work spent making tedious document updates, creating more time to sell your product or service.


Do you want to learn more about how you can kick-start digital transformation in your business through automated document generation? Then watch our webinar, ‘Nintex DocGen® for Salesforce | An Introduction’ or get in contact with our team and get a personalized demo.

Ready to try it out yourself? Head to the Salesforce AppExchange and start your trial of Nintex DocGen® for Salesforce.  


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