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SaaS benefits: How subscription software can help you save costs and drive value

Over the past several years, the rise of subscription-based has been one of the most important trends in software. Vendors like Salesforce and NetSuite pioneered this method. Another good example is the Microsoft Office Suite. In the past, productivity applications like Word and Excelwere sold with “perpetual” licenses, intended to be bought once and replaced by a newer update a few years down the line. Today, the cloud-based variation, Office 365, is sold as a subscription. This means businesses (and individuals) pay for the software monthly or yearly, on a per-user basis.

”Software as a Service” (SaaS) has become the most popular way to describe the subscription approach. Multiple variants have sprung up, including Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Desktop as a Service (DaaS), and Database as a Service (DBaaS). Subscription pricing is everywhere.

At Nintex, we always strive to stay at the forefront, and SaaS is no exception. Our Nintex for Office 365 and Nintex Workflow Cloud offerings are two of the primary ways we deliver process automation. We’ve chosen to embrace the SaaS model for a number of reasons.

SaaS benefits: Increased scale, reduced cost and risk

There are three main reasons why SaaS is so desirable to today’s organizations.


Scalability is one of the most important factors that lead customers to subscription pricing models. By only paying for the services you use, the size of your bill can be more closely tied to the individual needs of your business. Your subscription can increase effortlessly, adding one user license every time a new employee joins your company. Conversely, users can be removed – meaning that if your team downsizes or employees leave, your software license subscription can reduce proportionately.

This is in stark contrast to perpetual software licenses, typically sold in fixed numbers, often hundreds at a time. These purchases tend to be irregular, inconsistent, often unpredictable, and considered as capital (CapEx) rather than operational (OpEx) expenditures. In practice, this eliminates fluctuations in costs from month to month, but leaves little room for companies to rapidly adjust to changes in their business environment. With SaaS, companies can more easily align costs with growth.

Access to live updates

Another benefit of SaaS is that vendors push out new functionality and patches continuously, and automatically, so customers can easily stay up to date.

This immediate access to the latest technology is critical in a world where competitors never rest and security threats emerge rapidly.

With the Nintex Platform, for example, new features, connections, integrations, and whole services are regularly added to enhance the offering. If new services like document generation and e-signatures are available within your subscription, they’ll be ready for you to use as soon as they’re released. Not already subscribing? It’s fast, simple, and cost-effective to expand your subscription to include them.

Low up-front investment

Consider a situation where you want to roll out new software to your organization. You’ve identified a business need and think a new tool could fill it. The problem is, it’s difficult to get management sign-off to purchase the hundreds of licenses it would take to implement this new solution. Even worse, once you’ve bought the licenses, there’s no going back, even if the product doesn’t work as intended. These hurdles make it difficult to invest in new potential, take risks, and innovate.

Subscription software transforms this relationship.

When you buy a SaaS license, you only pay for the number of users you need and can cancel anytime. This means the barrier for entry is much lower; you can try the product with a smaller group of users, spend much less money, and even cancel if it doesn’t work as expected. This means less risk and up-front investment, which saves money and encourages innovation in your company.

For process automation technology, this is particularly important. Experimenting with new features and expanding your automation potential is a vital part of staying ahead and improving processes in a competitive marketplace. And with a range of different pricing models available, it’s easy to seamlessly expand your subscription to try new features, services, and products without taking significant financial risk.

A route to the cloud with Nintex

At Nintex, we’re aware that the journey to the cloud might not always be simple or clear cut. There are valid reasons companies choose an on-premises infrastructure, which is why we remain committed to supporting Nintex Workflow for SharePoint. But because of the many SaaS benefits, we believe customers can get more out of technology by taking advantage of the cloud.


If you want to find out more about getting started with Nintex cloud-based offerings, our upcoming conference, Nintex Process Fest® 2019 will help you find the guidance, expertise, and inspiration you need to begin making the transition. At this conference, we’re offering users the opportunity to get practical, hands-on user training to maximize the value of their Nintex investment. If you want to find out more, contact us today.


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