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RPA – What’s in it for you?

The evolution of machines in manufacturing has brought us the robot. The idea that physical robots could one day perform the work of people had a profound impact on factory workers.  As with any major change in our world each of us can perceive the impact differently.  Some are fearful of change and refuse to proactively adapt. There is a preference to ignore or even actively resist and battle against the change with the objective of keeping the status quo.  Whilst others, assess the impact of change, analyze the new opportunities, and position themselves to take advantage of change as early as possible.  If you would like to embrace the future of work and understand how the domain of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) might benefit you as an employee, at any level of an organization, let’s go.

Imagine you are working in corporation with 10,000 employees and then the CEO decides to augment that workforce with 10,000 digital workers, each managed by an employee to perform the tasks that they deem mundane, boring or difficult to do repetitively without any errors on their PC desktop/laptop. The employee is now a manager, and their work is augmented by the digital worker to form a symbiotic relationship. The manager has a staff of one digital worker.  As manager, their goal is get the best performance from their digital worker. The manager assigns tasks that are run at lunch time or other times when the manager is away from their computer. The individual performance of the manager has improved steadily because they can now focus on more complex, higher thinking tasks that require one of our biggest assets; creativity.

Confidence high, the company introduces a digital worker that receives tasks to perform in the background away from the PC of the digital worker, powered by a server that can work in parallel without using the desktop/laptop computer resources.  The manager now has the capability of the Attended digital worker on their PC and the unattended digital worker on the corporate network.  In this hybrid mode the manager has the local PC resource that they have become familiar with, and network of digital workers to guide and instruct on an increasing number of tasks and business processes that can be automated and performed at machine speed.  The manager talks to colleagues and realizes that some of their peers are managing a team of 5 or more unattended digital workers.  Now managers are competing on their ability to manage the productivity and output quality of their digital workforce; their team.

The CEO has just announced that the first employee to manage a team of 100 digital workers and grow top line revenue or increase profitability, or save costs for the company will be given a $100,000 bonus.  And the story goes on. The person that manages the most resources, effectively, wins.

With business processes optimized and automated, the best possible, most lean workflow for each task has been created.  As the benefits of the digital workforce is realized there is an abundance of robotic resources for each manager to maximize.  As the competency and skill of the manager grows, so does the productivity and performance of their team.  The manager sees the possibility of exponential improvements based on their ability to leverage the capability of the team.  The performance results for future managers will be very different to today, however, the KPIs will remain similar in relation to business performance.  With every employee a potential manager in the digital world they will be measured on value to the organization.

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