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RPA needs to be enterprise-ready and easy to use

Workflow has traditionally been the “go-to” application to help organizations automate processes that include API enabled apps. However, there has also been a need to automate applications that do not have available APIs which can be enhanced with RP automation with Nintex. These types of apps can vary from excel workbooks, to proprietary desktop apps, and browser-based apps.

A simple example of a process like this would be data that is accessible on a web page and needs to be retrieved and recorded in another desktop app. Data is typically iframed into a web page, making it inaccessible through a web service call. This makes data retrieval difficult without the right tools.

Nintex RPA, a powerful and easy to use robotic process automation software tool, has the ability to navigate the web and automate the retrieval or entry of data without the use of APIs or the need for code.

Nintex RPA supports Chrome and IE web browsers

Nintex RPA software has a declarative targeting mechanism that allows RPA designers to easily configure a bot to automate a multitude of tasks on the web. Nintex RPA can do everything from a mouse click to the retrieval and delivery of data within Chrome and Internet Explorer. The RPA script, referred to as a Botflow™, is easy to configure using the drag-and-drop targeter – no code is necessary.

This method of scripting is critical because it is both powerful and easily adoptable. Line of business users know their processes, and that automation will make their processes more efficient and cost-effective, but they don’t have the coding skill set that many RP Automation applications require.

Nintex RPA executes actions in real-time as the RP Automation designer is using the targeting method to script them. This allows the designer to essentially perform the process manually once, while training a Nintex bot to repeat that action hundreds to thousands of times without manual intervention.

How does RPA tie back to Nintex Workflow?

Processes that involve desktop apps are sometimes excluded from those that involve API enabled applications, but there are also processes that need to leverage and automate both type of applications. In these scenarios, it is necessary to have a workflow call an RPA botflow™ and vice versa.

Using Nintex Gateway to start a botflow™ within workflow

Nintex has provided a gateway application which allows Nintex administrators to connect a workflow to a bot. There is now a workflow action that can call upon a bot to run a specific RPA botflow™ via the web. The connection is made through Nintex Gateway.

            Start a Workflow Action within Nintex RPA

On the other hand, there is also an action available in Nintex RPA that allows a botflow™ to call on a Nintex Workflow. Because Nintex Workflow is web-enabled, there is no need for a connection to Nintex. You simply need an endpoint from Nintex that will direct the bot to the web enabled workflow.

An RPA application that does it all for the enterprise

To be successful in an enterprise, RP Automation needs to work in a wide variety of scenarios, including leveraging APIs and desktop apps and using workflows and botflows™ interchangeably.

RPA administrators also need to be able to centrally control and orchestrate their workforce of RPA bots via a simple web interface with enterprise-grade encryption. This can be accomplished with Nintex RPA Central.

Lastly, you want to democratize these great capabilities so that end business users can utilize the technology and scale their processes throughout the organization. Easy to use RPA software is a must if it is to be widely adopted.


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Raymond Cabral

Raymond Cabral is a Senior Solutions Architect at Nintex. He is based in our Irvine, California office.

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