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RPA is transforming telecom services. But wait, it gets better.

Telecom operators have to support staggering amounts of processes that are mundane and repetitive on the one hand, while being essential to the delivery of service on the other. In many cases, these processes require multiple systems to be queried and/or updated in order to complete the task.  It’s also essential that the tasks are completed reliably and accurately. These type of activities make the telecom industry a textbook case for robotic process automation and it’s no wonder providers are jumping on the RPA bandwagon.

Telecom providers are leveraging RPA capabilities to reduce costs, improve data quality, boost customer service, and to drive significant improvements in operational efficiency.  In fact, telecom organizations deploying RPA find the following results are almost immediately achievable:

  • A truly scalable workforce capable of being sized up or down within hours
  • Near zero error rates
  • Adherence to regulatory and corporate rules
  • Per ‘headcount’ costs at a fraction of a traditional workforce

But wait, it gets even better.

While some telecom services’ processes are suited to full robotic process automation by completely eliminating human involvement, others are more appropriate for partial automation because they require an element of reasoning, decision-making, and a ‘personal touch’ that only a human can perform.  For example, customer service can never be fully outsourced to robots, but many of the scenarios involved can be optimized using automation.

With this in mind, the Leo 2-in1 platform was designed to support both virtual and human workforces alike, offering both full RPA as well as end-user performance support. Performance support helps your human workforce navigate business applications and accomplish any task, quickly and error free, by using in-application guidance and desktop automation.

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With Leo, the same platform that you use to offload rules-based tasks to your virtual workforce, can also deliver desktop automation to your existing human workforce or vice versa.  Just imagine how useful this can be for supporting your employees pre/post RPA deployment, to deliver fast and efficient training, reduce human error, and improve operational performance – paving the way to an even more profitable bottom line.

To find out more about the Leo advantage and how it can benefit your company, please schedule a demo or visit the Kryon Systems website.

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