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How RPA can benefit your industry

Robotic process automation (RPA) is enjoying the spotlight as the technology of the moment, and with good reason. It’s one of the most exciting new business technologies to emerge in recent years and is significantly changing how companies work. While there are many benefits to RPA, implementation best practices are still not yet widely understood – meaning many early adoptions fall short of expectations.

Ernst & Young found that as many as 30-50% of initial RPA projects fail. This is generally attributed to misunderstandings about the technology or a company’s methodologies when applying RPA tools.

The secret to a successful RPA implementation is to start small. Match the automation tool to the problem and create quick, impactful wins. From there, businesses can learn key lessons that will shape more ambitious projects in the future.

What is RPA?

RPA involves training a “bot” to complete repetitive, time-consuming tasks by interacting with applications through their user interfaces — pointing, clicking, and typing just as a human would. RPA bots can be used to take care of these kinds of tasks, removing strain on workers and also reducing errors because they execute the task exactly the same way each time.

Even if you’ve never heard of RPA, chances are you’re already using it in your everyday life. If you order shoes online, you’ll probably get order updates and shipping notifications that track your parcel. These are often handled by RPA-based software, which can be programmed to systematically update customers on their order status. Likewise, if your office uses Dropbox, your documents are automatically saved and merged thanks to the power of RPA.

RPA benefits across various industries

RPA tools have been used successfully across a broad range of industries and sectors. There are multiple benefits of RPA to organizations of every size.

Let’s look at some examples.

  • Healthcare:  RPA can be used within healthcare for a multitude of functions. RPA bots can be programmed to simplify patient appointment scheduling and assess data on diagnosis, location, doctor availability, and other criteria.
  • Finance:  Though many companies have invoice portals that streamline e-invoicing, onboarding new suppliers is often still a manual task. RPA can be used to vet new suppliers with a full report on credit score, tax data, etc.
  • Energy:  Utilities are highly customer-centric, as individuals are dependent on these services every day. RPA helps companies manage these transactions efficiently and improve the customer experience. RPA can be used to validate meter readings in an efficient manner, which reduces human error and, in turn, customer complaints.
  • Government:  The use of RPA is becoming increasingly common within government agencies to reduce backlogs, improve throughput, and optimize compliance. As government agencies process large volumes of documents and data daily, RPA is ideal for freeing up employees to focus on higher-value aspects of their roles.
  • Manufacturing:  In the manufacturing sector, businesses can integrate bots on the production floor. This way, RPA can aid in production, order fulfillment and shipping processes.
  • Education:  RPA tools can be used in enrollment processes to check application forms, validate documents, and assess student eligibility, as well as schedule meetings and update progress reports. RPA tools can extract students’ grades from databases enter it into relevant forms, and send reports out to parents.

Harness the benefits of RPA with Nintex

RPA can benefit a wide variety of departments in almost any business, no matter the industry. Bots supplement your existing workforce by removing menial tasks from workloads – in turn helping your back-office function more efficiently and effectively.

The best RPA tools offer simple, no-code UIs that are easily mastered. This avoids IT overload and empowers workers across your business.

Using Nintex RPA, your business can harness trained bots to cost-effectively and efficiently automate routine tasks. The platform is user-friendly and allows workflows and botflows™ to be easily adapted as processes change. Users are equipped with comprehensive, enterprise-grade process management and automation solution that streamlines nearly any business processes.

“Nintex is providing enterprises with a complete digital business platform that can handle everything from workflow and content automation to digital transaction management to the last mile of automation with RPA. Nintex has transformed from its roots in workflow automation to become one of the most complete process platforms on the market today.”

Jim Lundy, Aragon Research CEO



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