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Robotic Process Automation – To Be Continued…

I recently read an article on the Horses for Sources blog that made the following statement: “Only focusing on RPA is a fast-track to short-term disappointment.  A broader Continuum focus is where the smart buyers are headed.”

My initial reaction was “Hold your horses HfS!  Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is in its infancy and we are only now beginning to see the full benefits of RPA and understand the impact it will have on business – so why the rush to make such a depressing remark? After rereading the article and giving it some more thought, I came to the conclusion that perhaps the statement is not actually as off-putting as I originally perceived.  After all, a complete RPA plan should not only address the current business needs, but also include a strategy for what comes next.

Here is where my thinking branches out from the HfS article.  The article talks about the future of RPA as a continuum towards true artificial intelligence (AI).  They are not wrong, but AI is a light at the end of a very long tunnel.  In the meantime, I’d like to suggest we take a look at what’s in store for RPA in the near future and address existing business concerns.  Case in point:

What is the strategy for supporting existing [human] resources after automation?

Ironically, the answer to this question can be solved by looking back instead of forward. Let me clarify. It is common knowledge that most RPA solutions have evolved from other automation tools that have been around for some time, such as scripting, macro generations and desktop automation.  Some of these earlier automation solutions, such as desktop automation, can be very useful for supporting business users post RPA deployment, to deliver fast and efficient business processes, eliminate human error, and more importantly improve operational performance in the front office.  The best part – the RPA solution you choose may also serve this dual purpose.

The Leo Platform: A 2-in-1 Automation Solution

The Leo platform, by Kryon Systems, is a multi-faceted performance improvement solution that provides a cost-effective answer to efficient process execution – whether supporting IT automation efforts (RPA) or the business user (Desktop Automation).  With Leo, you can choose to what extent you want to automate the business process and whether human interaction is required or not.

For example, using the Leo RPA authoring environment, you can also create desktop automation scenarios that automate tasks for your human users.  What this means is once you have offloaded rules-based tasks to your virtual workforce, you then can leverage the same Leo platform to deliver desktop automation to your existing human workforce.

To learn more about Leo Robotic Process Automation, watch this short video:



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