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Robotic process automation: the swiss army knife for business operations

The Swiss Army knife epitomizes multi-purpose utility, all contained in a very handy carrying case. In many ways, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software is the Swiss Army knife of data operations, capable of very quickly and economically carrying a financial institution, healthcare organization or other company to new operational heights.

RPA software, which mimics human beings in performing data transfer and maintenance tasks, works faster, longer and in a more exact manner so that an organization can achieve greater efficiencies and its employees can move from menial tasks to more rewarding ones.

At the Foxtrot User Network (FUN) Conference, attendees came up with more than 400 use cases for Nintex’s “automated employee®” in a single session. Gartner, Inc. has also estimated that there are now 2,000 to 2,500 different RPA applications, including:

  • Items Processing
  • Core banking migrations
  • Loan onboarding
  • Data breach recovery

Like the Swiss Army knife, open up the RPA tool and see its many advantages:

Knife: Cut out the manual processes in your data operations with RPA software and save time, money and headaches. Anywhere employees can point, click and type data as part of a regular business process is an opportunity that you can automate and eliminate.

Pliers: Just as the hand tool allows force to be amplified and focused on an object with precision, RPA software gives business organizations a significant mechanical advantage. Think of the savings of writing one simple script for the automated employee to file through thousands of accounts. Loving the leverage, one bank has 61 different scripts it can run, saving several employee hours on a daily basis which then frees them to focus on more customer-centric activities.

Key Ring: Whether it’s a new regulation affecting all customer accounts or responding to a massive data breach, Robotic Process Automation software boosts response time to reduce a company’s exposure. It’s a key to security, Vice presidents of operations feel greater protection when they keep their data in-house.

Corkscrew: After you’ve implemented RPA software and impressed your boss with much-improved efficiency and de-stressed your subordinates with the elimination of their mundane duties, pop a celebratory top and make a toast to increased ROI, savings and satisfaction in your company’s data operations!

Like with the multipurpose knife, an organization is always prepared with Robotic Process Automation software, whether it’s making the operation’s routine sharper or quickly responding to business opportunities and emergencies. Business process automation means performance elevation. Make sure you have the right tools to take your company’s operations to the next level.



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