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Rise of the bots: Why the right RPA software is key for your organization’s future

When you hear the word “bot”, what do you think of? If you’re picturing a silver humanoid machine, you’ve been watching too many sci-fi movies. Today, the word refers to a configurable software application that is trained to run automated tasks. Robotic process automation (RPA) software has grown in popularity among businesses that want to take part in the digital revolution—it enables many manual, time-consuming, and monotonous tasks to be completed by trained bots.

In this post, we’ll provide some context about what RPA software can be used to achieve, how it can be used for different purposes, and what the best methods are to integrate it into your own business operations.

What is RPA software?

To understand the concept of RPA software, we need look no further than the machines and assembly lines of manufacturing plant floors.

Designed for a single purpose, these machines are capable of completing tasks fast faster than humans and delivering more consistent results.

Implementing automated processes into a manufacturing plant greatly reduces the time taken to assemble products and enables human workers to keep the production line running smoothly. The real-life benefits are obvious. Yet, how can we benefit from similar technology when all of our assets are digital?

Let’s get digital

The best RPA software performs similar functions to assembly-line machinery. Instead of leaving businesses to code and create their own bots, which requires a great deal of programming and management, RPA software provides a pre-configured user interface (UI), which allows users to create bots quickly and with little to no coding required.

Users are able to designate the task for a bot to complete and oversee the bot’s progress via the software: Hundreds of tasks can be accurately completed in seconds, leaving humans to concentrate on more value-added work.

The appeal of RPA software is evident. It’s efficient in a way that humans could never hope to be, which can push companies to a level of productivity only dreamed about in the past. But it isn’t as simple as choosing an RPA software solution, implementing it, and immediately reaping the benefits.

Before your business gets started with RPA, you’ll need to know exactly how it can fit into your existing IT infrastructure.

Right place, right time

RPA bots are designed to complete simple tasks. This means that while they’re limited to tasks that require no decision-making, they’re fairly flexible in their functionality.

For instance, a bot is perfectly suited to tasks like image processing or screen scraping, which it can do in seconds.

One of the mistakes that companies make when integrating bots into their IT system, however, is expecting RPA to solve all of their long-term IT needs. Bots can automate individual tasks, but they can’t automate an end-to-end process. This is because they don’t think critically or make decisions. If your IT department is going to integrate RPA software into your IT environment, it should be in the right way for the right reasons.

Many businesses want to integrate RPA to solve shortcomings in their processes but don’t want to risk a disruption to their entire IT environment.

Achieving automation capabilities with older legacy systems can be difficult, because in such situations an API integration may not already exist. Without it, an organization may have to code their own solution, which requires either in-house programming skills or enlisting third-party assistance.

Choosing the right RPA software

The key to integrating RPA into your company is finding the right RPA software.

A solution that doesn’t require coding is the best bet for many. Some businesses are able to spend time and money coding their own bots when APIs fall short within their IT environment, but this isn’t viable for most. Finding a no-code platform that allows workers without coding knowledge to design and deploy bots can democratize automation within a business.

This gives workers the power to improve their workplace without needing to rely on overly stretched IT departments.

Nintex: Your flexible RPA platform

Using Nintex RPA, businesses only pay for the processes they automate and not the number of bots they’ve deployed, creating a flexible way to integrate RPA into any workplace. Scaling at their own pace, businesses can focus on what they want to achieve with bots, not just automate for the sake of automation.

Nintex RPA provides over 300 actions that easily connect with applications, documents, and services, including websites, spreadsheets, and legacy apps, which can be easily included in your botflows™. With a simple drag and drop interface, users can harness the power of enterprise-grade automation without acute technical IT knowledge.

The future is here, and it’s a lot easier to step into it with the right tools.


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