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Rinnai NZ Continuously Improves with Nintex

Rinnai is the world’s most innovative heating appliance manufacturer. It is widely regarded as the global industry leader due, in part, to its focus on continually improving its products and business at every level.

Originating in Japan, Rinnai sees improvement as being critical to their success.

“The Japanese culture says we’ve got to keep improving, because our competitors are. If we sit back, in ten years we won’t be the company we are today,” says Rinnai quality assurance manager, Kevin Sherlock.

As a result, Rinnai selected Nintex Promapp® to support their bid for current and future continuous improvement.

Save time, effort and disruption  

By using the Nintex Promapp® process management platform to align, streamline, and centralize processes throughout the organization, the change immediately had a positive impact.

“All the relevant information we need is instantly available in the Nintex Promapp® library,” says Kevin.

Common business challenges like audits and onboarding new staff can be distracting and a drain on the teams’ time and attention. With Nintex Promapp®, Rinnai has managed to stay ISO 9001 compliant and, because it’s so simple to use, staff can train themselves on the tool.

In addition to these efficiencies, Rinnai is pleased with how simple and intuitive process reviews and updates are. With greater awareness of which process steps have become redundant, Kevin says, “With Nintex Promapp®, keeping processes up to date is simple. It doesn’t take hours like it does with Visio.”

Improve communication with a culture of improvement

Rinnai identified the opportunity to use Nintex Promapp® to make health-and-safety and risk management part of business-as-usual for the whole organization by recording improvements in the platform.

“We might do an internal audit to assess whether we’re following existing processes and how to improve. Reported on paper – that relies on you to remember the changes, and on managers to remember to remind you. Nintex Promapp® makes that information available all the time.”

With information now being dynamic and easily accessible, teams can check to see what is on their to-do list, and are no longer caught unawares by requirements to improve or change their processes. This has freed up time for managers who can confidently delegate tasks and spend less time monitoring activities, while enabling staff to grow their roles by taking on more responsibilities.

Give executives better insights

The board at Rinnai also appreciates Nintex Promapp® because it has reduced the time it takes them to access information.

“We’re all using the same information. Execs get the raw data, so they know for sure that they’re seeing the real picture.”

This is particularly helpful when dealing with issues that are a key focus for Rinnai, like health-and-safety and risk management. Since the board is now better armed to be proactive, they’re able to confidently effect change where required.

“It’s had a real impact on the business. They’ve got better info, so they’re asking better questions,” says Kevin.

Continuous improvement secures future success

With the implementation of Nintex Promapp®, Rinnai has engaged their teams and embedded a culture of improvement, from the shop floor to the board room, positioning Rinnai to maintain its leadership position.

“To improve things, we have to know what we’re doing today, so we can do it better tomorrow,” – Kevin Sherlock.

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