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Revolutionizing business processes in manufacturing

Finding competitive advantages and business efficiencies in the manufacturing industry can be a challenge. When it comes to business processes and back-office functions, implementing digital process improvements can translate to seamless end-to-end solutions, improved compliance, ensured safety across facilities, and prioritizing the scarcest resource in manufacturing – time.

In today’s post, we’ll highlight some of our most impressive – and inspiring – digital process solutions built with Nintex.

Arntz Optibelt Group

With eight production facilities in six countries, the Arntz Optibelt Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-performance belt drives for vehicles, heavy machinery, oil refineries, agriculture, fans, and compressors.

The Arntz Optibelt Group wanted to modernize its product review process to cut the time-to-market and create an agile, auditable workflow, without compromising quality. Their existing—but inefficient—review process involved scanning and emailing paper forms, with no status visibility for managers to know the approval process for each item. And – the process of modifications would take up to 100 days to approve.

Leveraging Nintex’s K2 Software, the company streamlined that workflow to 18 steps and enabled fast, accurate and consistent approvals across all employees and locations. The result is a transformation, accelerating speed-to-market by up to five months. Arntz Optibelt Group managers can now also easily and instantly access the status of each product review to pinpoint its place is in the pipeline.

“With K2 Software, approving changes to existing products has been cut from an average of 100 days to 62 days, accelerating production line improvements by over five weeks.”

— Stephan Oebbeke, Intranet Team Leader, Optibelt

Read the case study to learn more.


Greenline is an Australian commercial shade sail manufacturer and installer operating out of New South Wales with most of their work coming from government contracts, including schools and hospitals. As a risk-averse organization, Greenline began efforts to achieve triple ISO accreditation. To meet the stringent criteria and pass an external audit, the company would need to streamline existing bulky processes and improve its current process management system.

With Nintex Promapp®, mapping and managing processes have become an essential part of the business by creating one central resource for accurate, up-to-date information that is accessible to all business units. Greenline utilizes the Nintex Promapp® improvement add-on to investigate reported issues and then create actions to solve problems when they arise. The solution also helps the company alert everyone who needs to know about any process change immediately.

After implementing Nintex Promapp®, improvements came quickly for the business. Top of the list was receiving the gold star seal of approval when Greenline passed their audit and gained triple ISO certification.

“Because it is so visual, Nintex Promapp® is a very powerful tool for engaging staff. Some people don’t absorb information from a 20-page document, but when they see it laid out as a visual map it makes a whole lot more sense. As a tool, Nintex Promapp® really resonates with people.”

—Huxley Wallace, Systems Manager, Greenline

Read the case study for more details.

Lands’ End

Based in Dodgeville, Wisconsin, Lands’ End, Inc. is a leading retailer of casual clothing, accessories, footwear, and home products, offering merchandise online, on third-party online marketplaces, and through retail locations. To businesses, Lands’ End is known for its tailored and business-casual logoed apparel for office wear, trade shows, company events, and more.

The company’s custom order process has historically been manual, with instructions for special orders being communicated around Lands’ End and outside the company to international suppliers and the customers themselves, all via email and phone.

To reduce the time and cost of this process, Lands’ End began leveraging Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms to create a streamlined solution on SharePoint and Nintex Workflow Cloud.

Their Nintex-based solution has helped Lands’ End in ways that extend beyond internal efficiency and cost savings – with data collected by the workflow to gain insight into vendor performance, improve order accuracy, and ensure customers are satisfied.

Lands’ End’s most crucial KPIs—time-to-benefit, productivity, and accuracy—have all improved, and the company has gone on to deploy more than 80 Nintex-based solutions across the enterprise. Each project returns an average of 120% ROI in efficiency gains.

“Our 120% ROI is a huge result. It shows that when you use Nintex properly, the sky’s the limit on what it can do for you.”

Zach Munns, Senior Project Manager, Lands’ End

Read the case study to learn more.

Tomago Aluminium

Tomago Aluminium is Australasia’s largest aluminum smelter contributing $1.5 billion to the economy each year. The smelter produces 585,000 tons of aluminum annually and has been operating 24 hours a day since 1983.

However, the company’s disconnected IT infrastructure combined with a surplus of paper forms and email-based processes, led Tomago to seek out an automated solution for many vital processes.

Tomago began using Nintex’s K2 Software to automate its life-saving control process for their 840 smelting pots. K2 Software enabled the company to utilize an SQL database and integrate solutions with SAP, develop additional business solutions, improve efficiencies, and cut costs.

After implementing the solution, employees are now able to log issues automatically or quickly and easily check the status of certain safety tasks.

“It’s used extensively every single day. Once we saw the value of being able to gather data with K2 Software, people started to think about all the other tasks they perform and how we could streamline and improve those, too.”

— Lesley Anne Clifton, IT Superintendent, Tomago

Learn more about their digital solutions in the case study.

Manufacturing technology is always improving but improving other vital, supporting processes can also deliver significant benefits. In today’s world of work, digital transformation and process automation efforts allow companies – across industries – to be more agile to demands and changes in the market.



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