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Reliving the adventure: Kryon automation expedition explores awe-inspiring RPA adoption from around the world

We at Kryon are thrilled with the level of interest and engagement from our customers and partners during the Kryon Automation Expedition. More than 3,400 attendees united for the two-day virtual event to experience the epic RPA journey of leading global brands such as bp and Johnson & Johnson, standing tall on the shoulders of innovation. We learned so much from the guest presenters, who gave us some things to think about for the future of work and what the automation industry should focus on to deliver on its promises.

Our event was inspired by the unforgettable experiences of adventurers who gave it their all by undertaking grand challenges. In that same spirit, RPA pioneers, like the ones who were spotlighted at the Automation Expedition, are not strangers to taking risks and achieving breathtaking outcomes. Here is a recap of some of the highlights from the event.

Poking the Bear

No one stood taller than Bear Grylls, OBE, who is recognized worldwide as one of the most well-known faces of survival and outdoor adventure. Taking shelter from the rain, Bear shared his story of tenacity and encouraged our attendees to never give up. Bear talked about how he shattered his back in three different places while parachuting with his fellow British Forces into Africa. And how, despite this setback, he persevered with courage in the face of adversity. Against all odds, Bear kept moving forward while accessing the fire within. He inspired our attendees to find the fire burning within all of us.

Discovering RPA Use Cases

The two days were filled with automation success stories from customers to partners to industry analysts and our own Kryon thought leaders. We were delighted to have Brooks Olphin, Product Line Owner – Process & Task Mining, Johnson & Johnson, share how the company is leveraging process discovery technology to drive process excellence across three key use cases. Process Discovery is helping Johnson & Johnson improve visibility into what is required to complete a task, and to identify any process “black holes.” Watch Brooks Olphin’s presentation on demand.

First-rate presenters highlighted how Process Discovery – pioneered over three years ago – completely flipped the automation journey for these enterprises. From the disruption of Real-Time Process Discovery in the market to scalable automation with next-generation process optimization, our CTO (and Amazon jungle adventurer), Shay Antebi, took us through an adventure on how Kryon’s customers are using cutting-edge technology in process excellence and automation. Join Kryon’s CTO as he reviews the cutting-edge advancements in process excellence and automation.

In another standout presentation, Steve Sutton, Business Process Management Consultant for leading oil and gas company bp, shared a story of modern transformation. bp is in the midst of an enormous undertaking: transferring a large-scale, outsourced operation of around 1,600 outsourced employees to in-house employees at new business centers. A transformation like this presents some real risk, with the loss of knowledge being at the top of the list. Leveraging Kryon Process Discovery™ helped bp prevent loss of information and also create employee training videos. Process Discovery captures processes and their variants while accelerating the production of procedural documentation used to facilitate the training and onboarding of new bp employees. So far, bp has deployed more than 350 bots based on the use cases identified by Process Discovery.

The Best of the Best

An adventure would not be possible without a challenge. Our Automation Excellence Awards recognized a distinguished group of customers and partners across 15 categories from “Best Use of RPA for Digital Customer Experience,” “Largest Process Discovery Implementation,” to  “Best Full-Cycle Automation Implementation for Retail.”

Automation Expedition presenters brought RPA automation to life by sharing real-world stories of what worked for them. The universal theme: how global employers are changing the future of work – in this remote environment – by automating mundane, repetitive tasks better suited to bots. Businesses shared how process optimization and automation are accessible to any business user, regardless of technical background. These adventurers are standing on the horizon of a new day in which any business, regardless of size or budget, can experience a holistic understanding of their business processes.

Everesting – The Challenge for RPA

By discovering new ways in which humans and AI-powered bots collaborate, our Automation Expedition highlighted how work is getting done, humans are more productive, and human error is reduced. Breakthrough productivity is being achieved and the human workplace is being redesigned to allow employees to focus on what they do best – customer service, professional development, innovation, team collaboration, and creative problem-solving.



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