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Reflecting on my Apprenticeship at Nintex

Apprenticeships are a great choice for any young person looking to learn more about how business works.

This is the path that I chose two years ago when I joined Nintex, the world’s leader in Intelligent Process Automation. My apprenticeship has been a great experience for me, so I want to share what I’ve learned with anyone who is in the midst of charting his or her future.


An apprenticeship program typically is run through a third-party agency who leverages its relationships with businesses to find a role best suited for the apprentice and for the business.

In 2016, Recruitment International reported that 76 percent of employers offered a full-time job following apprenticeship completion. Eighty-seven percent of employers also said that apprenticeships give young adults an advantage in the hiring process.

During the course of the apprenticeship, the apprentice gains valuable experience and uses his or her skills to complete agency-assigned coursework to earn educational qualifications at the program’s completion.

Nintex & Apprenticeships

I was one of the first apprentices at Nintex. It can be a large undertaking to bring on an apprentice, but Nintex has jumped at the chance to bring three individuals into the fold at their London office since 2016.

nintex apprentice

The first apprentice to join the Nintex was Hamsa Wilson, who was recruited to learn from and bolster the sales team’s efforts. Two years later, he is now a valued member of the Nintex Account Management team.

I was the next to be brought into the ranks at Nintex and joined the marketing team in September 2016. I’m proud to say that upon completing my apprenticeship, I was hired full-time and have held roles in field marketing and digital marketing in the EMEA region. Adrian Dospial was then hired as a renewals specialist. Similarly, Adrian swiftly advanced throughout his apprenticeship to gain full-time employment as a sales operations coordinator.

“Through my apprenticeship with Nintex, I was able to gain the skills needed to succeed in a business environment and I’m very thankful to everyone in the team that has helped me get to where I am today” – Adrian Dospial

Easier with Nintex

Apprenticeships are a challenge, as they require great organizational skills, dedication, and work ethic. But working with an employer that is dedicated to helping you succeed as an individual and as part of their team is an extremely rewarding experience.

From the onset of my apprenticeship at Nintex, I sat down with my manager and created a plan that married my educational work with the goals for my job. Regular discussions with my manager took place to ensure my success. This was important to ensure my coursework was progressing and that I was continuously learning on the job.

Defining Opportunities

Hamsa, Adrian, and I worked in different departments across the organization and thus received a wide-range of opportunities as apprentices. Looking back on our programs, we all had defining moments that helped to share our careers at Nintex.

A few months into my internship I was charged with traveling to Austria to represent the company at the 2016 European SharePoint Conference. I never expected I would travel for business as an apprentice. I was honored because clearly, senior leaders at Nintex trusted me to speak with customers, partners, and prospects.

That week ended up being one of the most fulfilling in my apprenticeship year, despite the nerves!

Another noteworthy opportunity for me was planning and executing our Nintex Roadshow 2017 event working side-by-side our events team. We were tasked to plan and execute three events across Europe with the goal of attracting more than 400 attendees. I was able to help source venues, prepare content, confirm logistics, and helped successfully run three events.

It was very rewarding to be part of team and to achieve our goal.

Going Forward

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Euan Blair, CEO of apprenticeship provider ‘Whitehat,’ and dedicated supporter of paid workplace education in the United Kingdom. He was thrilled to hear of my success and the other apprentices at Nintex.

It is because of the program’s initial success that Whitehat and Nintex are partnering to recruit more great talent to serve as Nintex apprentices.

Thanks to companies like Nintex more young professionals than ever will learn valuable skills on the job and walk away with great experiences that will fuel them forward in their careers.

I am so proud to have participated in an apprentice and have great optimism that more young adults will choose the apprenticeship route in the years to come.


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