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Reflecting on Nintex’s Award-Winning Workflow and Content Automation Technology

Last month a team from Nintex attended Seattle Business Magazine’s Tech Impact Award celebration event in Seattle. This was our second time attending as an “award finalist” but this time we won! We received the Gold Tech Impact Award for Productivity because of the success Nintex customers and partners have seen with our technology.

That same evening, thousands of miles away in Orlando, representatives from Nintex were awarded a Microsoft Office App Award for Nintex Workflow for Office 365 in the best integration category. And a week before, representatives from Nintex received a 2017 Golden Bridge Award in San Francisco to recognize Nintex Workflow Cloud® as a Best Product, Service, and Innovation of the Year.

Recognition like this not only makes us proud but it inspires us to continue to build technology that improves how people work.

If we reflect on the past decade, it’s no question that our workflow automation capabilities have grown to meet the evolving needs of today’s information worker.

Let’s look at a few notable milestones over the past two years:

From Process Automation to Process Optimization

We announced the release of our process intelligence capability, Nintex Analytics, in July 2016.

Nintex Analytics allows users to make more informed decisions about their processes. It also provides the ability to capture process intelligence data at any point during workflow execution for continuous improvement and optimization. With workflow analytics from Nintex Analytics, it is possible to design, build and deploy automated workflows that enhance employee productivity and drive faster business outcomes.

Cross-Platform, No Code Automation

The Nintex Workflow Platform was originally introduced to the market as a SharePoint offering giving users the ability to build complex workflows to automate their business processes natively within SharePoint and later Office 365.

Since its inception, Nintex Workflow and Forms for SharePoint and Office 365 have been highly valued by Nintex customers and partners.

“Every day I connect with our users around the world on the ways workflow automation makes them more productive,” shares Nintex Community Manager Frank Field. “It’s inspiring to see how customers and partners are creating innovative solutions with our technology to improve the way they work.”

In fact, each year there are almost 2 billion Nintex Workflows initiated collectively by Nintex customers. We estimate that each instance saves 3 minutes or more of work – or 6 billion minutes each year. For our total customer base, this means they save 100 million hours, 4.6 million days, or 11,415 years of productivity saved each year.

That’s a total of 951 years of productivity saved each month across all our customers.

And, with the November 2016 release of Nintex Workflow Cloud, we took the power of the Nintex platform and made it completely cloud-based to fuel workflows across people, content and systems. This gives users the ability to quickly and easily automate a long-tail of business processes with no code, across platforms regardless of where information is captured, processed or stored.

We’re excited (and humbled) about all the recognition for our technology innovation and remain committed to delivering powerful automation solutions that are easy to use.


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