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Reducing the strain on your IT teams with workflow automation solutions

According to 451 Research’s recent survey, which measured the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on businesses, 41% of organizations say they’re experiencing an increased strain on internal IT resources.

In the last few months, IT teams have found themselves under more pressure than usual. This is a problem because businesses are reliant on the large projects that IT departments are responsible for, such as operating system upgrades, as well as the day to day running of the organization.

Pre COVID-19, people relied heavily on IT to connect their various departments and enable productivity, communication, and collaboration. During and post COVID-19, that reliance is even bigger, and the pressure to connect people in different locations and homes around the world is even more crucial for businesses and the economy.

So how can workflow automation help reduce the day to day strain on IT? Let’s take a look.

How can workflow automation solutions help my IT team?

Workflow automation software removes process inefficiencies, in turn empowering your IT departments to help the wider business. Effective automation software provides a powerful solution that allows your employees to:

  • Manage processes. Visually plan, map, and manage business processes with tools that process owners can use with ease.
  • Automate processes. Manual, repetitive work becomes a thing of the past and employees gain time for more valuable tasks.
  • Optimize processes. When data is leveraged through automated processes, it’s possible to monitor, analyze, and improve upon fundamental business processes.

We’ll unpack these advantages further in the next section.

Automating repetitive processes

The average IT worker spends a lot of time on manual and repetitive tasks. But with automation, they can be freed up to focus on higher-value tasks that help move their teams and entire organizations forwards.  When less time is spent on the routine, manual work, your IT team has more time to apply their skills to important projects and innovation that takes your business forward.

Workflow automation solutions, for example, make it possible to automate tasks like routing helpdesk tickets and escalating issues for faster resolution. Notifications can also be automated to allow the right people to get the information they need – when they need it.

With process automation, your IT team can map out your help desk processes and then identify areas where automation can improve efficiency and save time. Then they can eliminate repetitive busywork, such as assigning helpdesk tickets to certain employees and tracking response metrics. This reduces errors and boosts collaboration, all in one fell swoop.

Streamlining communication channels

Workflow automation solutions can enable your IT team to replace paper documents, such as invoices and contracts, with digital documents and processes that automatically record the appropriate access permissions before ensuring the document is automatically saved in the right location. Not only does this system ensure that only authenticated users have access to sensitive documents, but it also ensures that documents and workflows can be stored where workers can easily find them. User-management, mailboxes, and directories can be unified, which streamlines both file management and communication channels.

With effective workflow automation solutions, your business can streamline all internal communications. It’s no longer necessary to go through hundreds of emails to find the right one, or to depend on oral communication and paperwork – instead, relevant information concerning a work request can be sent directly to employees using an automated workflow.

Focus on the work that counts and let Nintex take care of the rest

Your IT teams create your organization’s environment. With Nintex workflow automation solutions, they can deliver streamlined and intelligent processes to every area of your business.

By partnering with Nintex, IT can rapidly deliver value to any business group by getting sophisticated automation solutions up and running quickly. This is made easy by the powerful, user-friendly drag-and-drop experience that allows IT professionals to design and deploy workflows without code.

Importantly, Nintex gives your IT team the gift of peace of mind – as all our software comes with TBD certifications and the necessary controls to accurately and securely scale.



To find out more about how you can reduce the strain on your IT teams with Nintex workflow automation solutions, get in touch today, and request a demo.



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