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Reduce the lifecycle of insurance documents with eSign via text

In a previous post, we highlighted the four-fold benefit of adopting an eSignature and document management platform among insurance carriers and agencies:

  1. Reduce cost and improve productivity
  2. Diminish error and omission (E&O) exposure
  3. Create a competitive edge
  4. Delight clients with a legal and secure digital alternative

But did you know Nintex AssureSign® offers unique eSigning features that help those in insurance reduce the lifecycle of common documents by even greater margins? White-labeling, out-of-the-box and customizable integrations with EZLynx and other ECMs, bulk document sending, and other features support a seamless customer experience. But when you send documents to your client’s smartphone for signature, you can instantly reduce the lifecycle of any and all your documents!

Still sending documents for signature via email?

This may shock you (it shocked us), but nearly 55% of smartphone users don’t have mobile access to their email inbox! That’s over half of your clients. But even when clients do have mobile access to their inboxes, a majority of emails are ignored or left unopened. On average, text messages have nearly four times the open rate (98%) than emails (20%). What’s more, 90% of text messages are opened in three minutes or less!

When clients receive their documents for signature on the device in their back pocket, they can instantly review, sign, and send claims paperwork, onboarding forms, and other common documents. Staying connected with clients when they’re on the go means less coverage lapses, less missed deadlines, and more business.

Will sending onboarding forms via SMS win more clients?

Sending onboarding and other paperwork via SMS not only reduces signing times, but it also eliminates the gap in your time-to-close rates. Businesses empowering clients to sign documents on their smartphone via text message find over half their sent documents signed and returned within five minutes or less. You can even have clients complete their forms before ending your first call! No more losing prospects between first contact and completed onboarding.

Sign clients in-person? Review and sign forms together when you send forms to their device of choice!

Is eSign via text secure?

All Nintex AssureSign® transactions are backed by our enterprise-grade security network, regardless of the device signers choose to use when eSigning! Our security infrastructure has earned SOC 2, ISO 27001, and FIPS 140-2 certifications, along with acclaim from the world’s top brands for nearly twenty years. Complete with 256-bit encryption and geo-dispersed data hubs, our cybersecurity framework safeguards your data both at rest and in motion. Whether signatures are captured on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, Nintex AssureSign® guarantees a secure transaction, every time!

How do I get started?

Whether with another provider, a first time eSigner, or currently using Nintex AssureSign®… You can easily get started using eSign via text with our free trial.



Want to try out Nintex AssureSign® for yourself? Click here to request a free trial.



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