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Realize the value of your knowledge assets with Nintex Promapp®

Businesses today are awash with information, but that does not necessarily mean that they are making the best use of it. Research by BARC suggests that many companies use less than half the available information when they make decisions. It stands to reason that what is true for the decision-makers is probably true for those on the ground, following through on those decisions.

Who knows what you know?

Every role and task in a business relies on a certain amount of information. It may be assumed knowledge, experience, or documented data, but information on what to do in any context abounds.

The problem is, as BARC’s research points out, oftentimes that information is applied sporadically or not used where it should be.

Consider how many documents, procedures, policies, forms, guides, and training resources your organization has. Then think about where they are held. Chances are, they are scattered across numerous systems and in a variety of formats.

While many staff will be aware of various elements on that list, the odds of everyone knowing the whereabouts of everything they need for their role are slim.

Furthermore, many of those resources have likely been ‘orphaned’ over time through a lack of systematic management. Their original purpose may have been lost, or the connection to a task, step, or system may be unclear.

When a member of your team stumbles across a form or policy document in a file or desk drawer, how likely are they to be able to recognize where it connects to their role, or what its relevance is to your business operations?

While those various artifacts do in fact have value, that value is only realized when it can be leveraged to achieve a business end. This is where good processes come to the fore.

Putting knowledge in its place

Processes give business information context. They anchor the important documents and content in a concrete business setting, connecting it to the real operations and responsibilities of roles and activities.

Nintex Promapp® acts as a central repository for business processes, and a collection point for the information that flows within them. By capturing and presenting processes in a clear and understandable way, Nintex Promapp® provides teams with a portal to the key activities and responsibilities that are defined by their role.

More than just being a procedure manual though, Nintex Promapp® becomes a hub for all the vital business information that would otherwise drift within the organization.

Nintex Promapp® maintains a document library which allows users to link or upload key documentation related to processes. Those artifacts are then attached to the processes they relate to, at the appropriate step.

By integrating the policies, forms, guidelines, and detailed instructions into the business processes, an organization can ensure that none of the relevant information is missing when it comes time to execute that process.

Rather than relying on best-guesses, or secondhand knowledge, anyone involved in the process has access to the key details they need to comply with the process expectations. Information is now in the flow of work, not separated from it.

Moreover, the documents contained within Nintex Promapp® are linked directly to the processes, so any form, policy, or supplemental content can be traced to where it applies. Rather than misusing or ignoring the form, users can see a clear context for its use, and track where in the process it comes into play.

No business collects paperwork for the fun of it. Every form, document, guideline, and training asset costs resources to develop and maintain. Those investments need to be realized through the best use of the information available, and that can only happen when the content is both accessible and understandable.

Nintex Promapp® acts as the central hub where business knowledge assets can be retained and made sense of, making it simple for their value to be maximized as processes are performed across the organization.



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Matt Spears

Matt Spears is a process management professional with a passion for uncovering and simplifying business processes. Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, he works with Nintex clients in North America, helping them generate more customer value through documenting, managing, and improving their business processes utilizing Nintex Promapp®.

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