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Rapid process digitization

In many companies there are tens or even thousands of processes that are in need of digitization. However, the effort to do all these digitization projects is high. Every day of delay means opportunity lost. What if you could automate these processes with minimal effort, as well as evolve them easily, as requirements change?

The solution

An automation solution, B’Flow, built by Nintex Partner Bridging IT using K2 Software, supports digitizing many processes without any technical work at all. Power users define the flow, task responsibilities, forms for different steps, option values, multi-language support, and much more through simple configuration of forms that help you get new processes live within hours instead of days or weeks.

As processes and business needs evolve, you adapt the definitions in minutes.

Enterprise functions like personalization, granular access rights, data export, etc. are included out-of-the-box. B’Flow takes the definitions and runs them on a single technical application built using K2 Software while providing extensions, directly available for all processes, so there is no proliferation of artifacts and no issues with K2 Software upgrades.

Get the most out of your digital transformation journey

1. Powerful, rapid configuration

  • Launch new processes in hours, and adapt easily as business needs change
  • No need for any technical K2 Software knowledge for configuring digital processes
  • Features sufficient for typically >80% of processes

2. User-friendly experience

  • Easy to use for all stakeholders – end users, management, and process owners
  • Single entry, supporting functions, personalization, and much more out-of-the-box

3. Enterprise-ready

  • Enterprise functions like granular roles and rights, multi-language, administration for every process
  • Extensible with custom modules for special functionality
  • Proven in enterprise practice

4. Cost saving

  • All the benefits of K2 Software, multiplied
  • Reduced time and effort to get processes live
  • Less administration and maintenance costs that can compound as processes grow

How it works

Example use cases

  • Approval of data collection at events and marketing campaigns
  • Supply chain & Inventory correction
  • Customer service process

1. Define

  • Collect business needs
  • Define flow, data fields, responsibilities, etc.

2. Configure

  • Enter the definitions in easy-to-use forms
  • Test the process behavior right away

3. Use

  • Set the process live for normal users
  • Enjoy all the standard K2 Software features that make work easy and efficient


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