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Nintex Q&A with Senior Director of Product Marketing, Holly Anderson

With Nintex’s recent acquisition of K2 Software, we are excited to welcome some new talent to our teams! We had our first opportunity and interviewed Holly Anderson, Senior Director of Product Marketing. Welcome to the team, Holly!    

  1. We are so excited to have you join Nintex Marketing. Tell us about your background before coming to Nintex.

 Thank you, I’m excited to be joining the team! Prior to Nintex, I was with K2 Software for 14 years – first as a Sales Engineer for about a year and then Product Marketing for 13 years. Before that I held a few different developer-focused roles, mostly working with products in the Microsoft ecosystem.

  1. What do you enjoy about working in tech compared to other industries?

I’ve always been fascinated by how technology can help people solve problems, so it was a pretty natural fit for me. Our industry is constantly evolving and changing, and I enjoy the diversity of work it requires to keep up with that change.

I also get to work with and learn from a bunch of really smart and talented people who are drawn to technology in the same way I am.

  1. You have devoted over a decade of your career at K2 Software(recently acquired by Nintex). What are you looking to bring from your perspective there to the Nintex Community?

I think one of the things I learned at K2 Software is that having great technology can only get you so far.

Building relationships and being a trusted advisor to help translate technical features into solutions and business outcomes is often way more important in terms of customer success and loyalty.

Hopefully the insights I’ve gained from talking to customers and being in this space for so long can help us build toward even more success.

  1. What excites you about joining Nintex?

Bringing K2 Software and Nintex together is super exciting because our combined expertise and technology solutions provide a great opportunity to shake up the market and take some focus away from “the big players”.

It will be a fun journey for all of us!

  1. How would you describe your ‘2020 year in review’?

This year has certainly been unexpected – full of lots of change and a lot of challenges along the way. I certainly won’t be sorry to say goodbye to 2020 but am also generally optimistic that the challenges we faced this year will lead to some good opportunities going into 2021 and beyond.

  1. What goals, outcomes or achievements are you looking to develop over the next year?

As a product marketing leader, I like to focus on three core things: consistency, collaboration, and communication. That’s my main focus going into next year. I’m looking forward to diving in with my team to work on some exciting projects.

  1. If you were to describe yourself through movie titles, what would they be?

My K2 Software friends will say “The Highlander”, but I would have to go with “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” and “Ready Player One.” 

  1. What do you like to do in your time away from work?

I’m a big pop culture nerd, particularly if it’s Disney or Star Wars related, so I spend a lot of my free time catching up on movies and tv shows.

I also love to travel, which has been something I’ve really missed in 2020.

My son graduates from high school in June, so we’re hoping to take a senior trip with him in the summer – he really wants to go to France.



Learn more about Nintex’s acquisition of K2 Software here or experience first-hand the breadth of the Nintex Process Platform be requesting a demo today.



Annie McIntosh

As a member of the Nintex Corporate Marketing team, Annie McIntosh spends her time creating content and delivering great experiences for Nintex customers and partners.

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