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Q&A with Nintex VP of Customer Success Engagement

At Nintex, our goal is to improve the way people work through process management and automation. That’s our mission statement, but it’s much more than that. Beyond just selling powerful technology to automate business processes, we strive to provide our users with the training, resources, and support they need to be successful in transforming their organization.

We sat down with Antoine Valentone, Nintex VP of Customer Success Engagement, to discuss how his team is leading the effort to ensure our customers are getting the most out of their Nintex investment.

1.  Hi Antoine, can you start out by telling us how long you’ve been with Nintex and what your role involves?

I am three months into my role at Nintex and loving every minute of it! Although I am still new to Nintex, I’m not new to the world of Customer Success. In fact, I have over 20 year’s Customer Success related experience at a variety of SaaS organization including Salesforce, Egnyte, and Showpad.

At Nintex, the Customer Success Engagement team is responsible for increasing adoption and utilization by creating awareness and educating customers of all the value available to them.

2.  What does the Customer Success team do at Nintex? What are some initiatives that you work on?

Ultimately, our mission is to increase customer engagement. We consider the beginning of the customer journey with Nintex to be critically important, which is why our onboarding approach goes beyond just training.

Onboarding Managers work with customers on practical and personalized solutions to transform their business with the Nintex Platform in ways that best suit their organizational needs. Beyond deployment, Customer Success Managers proactively share information with customers in every stage of their digital transformation journey about the value available to them on our platform.

3.  You work closely with our Chief Customer Officer, Josh Waldo. Why is it important for our organization to place such an emphasis on our customers’ success?

Josh is known as a Customer Success thought leader so the opportunity to work with him was one of the many reasons why I chose to join Nintex. We have a dedicated team led by a very passionate C-level executive who is placing the focus on our customers to ensure they get the most out of their Nintex investment. That’s hugely important for SaaS providers in today’s market, where the customer is king.

The reality is, some customers are only using a small fraction of the total power available to them via the Nintex Platform. Therefore, the primary mission of our Customer Success team is to proactively educate and create awareness of all the value customers can realize in leveraging our entire technology suite.

4.  What does this all mean for the end user? How and when do they reap the benefits of our CS programs?

Customers can benefit from our Customer Success programs throughout the entire customer journey. Beyond a successful onboarding, customers have access to 24/7 tech support, Learning Central full of training content, and a thriving customer community.

First, customers can contact our 24/7 help desk support team and expect a rapid and considered response. Email us at Nintex Support.

Next, the Nintex Community is a vast online network of more than 12,000 people who can help answer your questions and share knowledge about how to make the most of the capabilities of the Nintex Platform. It provides specific forums to share successes, learnings and to meet other people around the world who are also championing Nintex in their organizations.

We also provide tools and resources that center on helping customers sustain their digital transformation success, whether they are managing, automating, or optimizing processes. This includes access to an extensive catalog of on-demand training courses, instructional videos, and virtual instructor-led training through Nintex Learning Central.

5.  Nintex works with a large network of partners to help us sell and implement solutions. How does the CS team work with our partners to ensure our customers’ needs are met?

Our Premier and Certified partners offer a diverse set of skills and backgrounds, helping solve unique business challenges across industries. We carefully coordinate our CS programs with our partners to ensure our customers are getting help based on their specific needs.

Interested in working with a Nintex Partner? Find a partner here.

6.  What are you most excited about for the future of the CS program?

I am mostly excited about aligning our internal resources to create an effortless experience for our customers. We measure our success based on how successful our customers are using Nintex. Helping customers manage, automate, and optimize their processes with the Nintex Platform to quickly and intelligently transform their business is extremely satisfying.

7.  If you could give our users one piece of advice about working with Nintex, what would it be?

We have helped thousands of customers all over the world transform their business. As subject matter experts, customers should count on us to act as trusted advisors guiding them towards success.

Reach out, get engaged, and don’t hesitate to explore all the resources and trainings available to you – there are endless possibilities to transform your business with Nintex.


Interested in working with our Customer Success team? We’re hiring! Check out the job listing and apply here


Haley Burton

Haley Burton has been on the corporate marketing team at Nintex for three years. In her role as Digital Marketing Manager, Haley manages the Nintex corporate websites and blog. She is passionate about digital marketing strategy, graphic and web design, and representing Nintex as the global leader in process management and automation. Follow Haley on Twitter @burtonhf.