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Q&A with Nintex TE Jesse McHargue

Recently, we welcomed our newest Technical Evangelist, Jesse McHargue, to the Nintex family. Jesse was previously a Nintex customer and active member of the Nintex Community, and we’re thrilled that he’ll be lending his experience to our team to further help our customers find success with the Nintex Platform.

We caught up with Jesse to learn more about why he’s passionate about Nintex technology and what he’s most looking forward to in his new role.

 1.  Welcome to Nintex! Can you tell us a bit about your professional background that led you here?

Thank you, glad to be here!

I went to school for Game and Simulation programming and thought I would ultimately end up as a game developer. Instead, I stumbled upon the world of SharePoint development. One of my first jobs was at American Eagle Outfitters as a database marketer and I begin using SharePoint to address how we were collecting and managing internal marketing campaign requests.

I quickly fell in love with automating processes and building forms using SharePoint Designer and InfoPath. I pursued this path and ended up a SharePoint developer instead of a game developer. I’m thrilled that my path led me here to Nintex!

2.  So how did you first come to hear of Nintex, and when did you first start using the platform?

It wasn’t until later, when I worked at a utility company, that I was introduced to Nintex. We had a large need to automate regulatory workflows, and we decided on Nintex after evaluating workflow solutions. After using it just a few times, I realized how easy it was to build out a process and get it up and running and I was hooked.

3.  What kind of solutions have you built using Nintex? Do you have a favorite process that you’ve automated?

It did not take long for me to use Nintex to automate just about all I could! I automated everything from SharePoint site requests, to a process to have solar panels installed on your property.

One of my favorite automated processes was for a billing process that collected SharePoint site data and generated a billing file. When I started the effort, there was nothing in place and we were leaving money (that should have been billed) on the table. Within a few weeks, I had built a process that accurately billed for sites, and a self-service area to update any site information (owner details, etc). It even allowed for end-users to easily flag a site as ‘no longer needed,’ which would kick off another process to have the site decommissioned.

With this process in place, we always had up-to-date billing information for each site, eliminating the need to track down the billing status and freeing up the team to pursue other initiatives.

4.  If you had to choose, which of the Nintex Platform core capabilities is your favorite?

Out of all that Nintex has to offer, I think that Nintex Workflow is my favorite. Perhaps it is just that workflows have a special place in my heart, but Nintex makes building workflows to automate processes so much easier!

The ability to take a complex process and build a workflow using simple, drag-and-drop controls onto a canvas that visually makes sense and conveys the overall approach is what makes Nintex stand out. Tweet this

5.  What are some of the benefits you’ve seen from automating workflows with Nintex? 

For me, the biggest gain with Nintex Workflow is the visual aspect. I can show off a workflow to a technical user and dive into the details, but also take the same workflow and show it to a non-technical user and have them understand the process at a high level – just by looking at the visual representation of the workflow.

This helps drive adoption, as it allows users to understand what’s happening in each step of the process.

6.  Can you tell us about your experience interacting with fellow Nintex users on the Nintex Community?

The Nintex Community has been a huge part of my success with Nintex. I got involved in the community during the first global Nintex conference. I was fortunate enough to meet some other community members, but it was the Nintex community manager at the time that really lit the fire. It was because of him that I got into writing blogs and really involved.

I took it upon myself to learn as much as I could about Nintex, but to also teach and share with others. This approach has been at the core of the community and helps everyone involved. I still get contacted regarding blogs that I have written asking for more, and it makes me feel great that I am helping someone!

7.  What does your new role as a Nintex TE entail?

As a Technical Evangelist for Nintex, I get to continue learning and sharing that knowledge with others. There is so much to learn when it comes to Nintex, and refining and growing my skills is a welcome challenge.

I’ve always enjoyed teaching others and watching them grow their skills. To me, teaching is just as important as learning because it reinforces those skills. I also get to engage our partners to help them serve their customers better. This is something I’m really looking forward to, as I have been on the customer side and know the passion that our partners have for Nintex. I’m happy to be part of Nintex in this new capacity!

8.  What is one thing you’d like to accomplish this year in your new position?

There is so much that Nintex has to offer, and it is hard to focus just on one thing. For now, I’m diving into Nintex Promapp®. The ability to map and document your processes in a centralized location is amazing.

We can automate processes with workflow and forms, and with tools like Nintex Analytics, we can continue to optimize those processes. But what about defining those processes? That piece is now a part of what Nintex offers, and I am eager to learn more and see it in action!

9.  What is one thing you’d like to share that people might not know about you?

I have 5 kids. Ranging in ages from 8 to 1-year-old twins. My wife and I  are very involved with their activities; from coaching baseball to gymnastics, and more. In our house, there is never a dull moment!


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