Q&A with Nintex Senior Product Manager Dan Barker – Nintex Sign

Nintex recently introduced our newest capability in the Nintex Platform: Nintex Sign powered by Adobe Sign. Nintex Sign is our fully-integrated e-signature tool which allows you to create e-signature tasks within your automated workflows by simply dragging and dropping the action onto your designer canvas.

We sat down with Nintex Senior Product Manager Dan Barker, who headed the joint effort with Adobe to develop this feature, in order to learn more about what Nintex Sign means for the Nintex Platform and our users.

1.  First, can you tell us a bit about your role here at Nintex?

Sure thing. I was brought onboard at Nintex to help establish a new product organization and to build and launch Nintex Workflow Cloud. I’ve been fortunate to wear many hats in the four years I’ve been with the company, including engaging customers and partners and working closely with Nintex engineering, UX, Customer Success, IT, Sales, and Marketing teams to help bring our industry-leading technology to market.

Most recently, I’m leading our process intelligence efforts, along with the product ownership of our exciting new partnership with Adobe.

2.  Can you explain what Nintex Sign is and how the new feature will benefit our users?

Happy to! Nintex Sign represents a powerful extension of the Nintex Platform that will allow large organizations to incorporate e-signatures as a part of an automated processes.

Nintex represents the global standard for process and document automation. As a result, we have thousands of customers using Nintex to automate their most sophisticated processes. Electronic signature approval plays a critical role in many of our customer’s processes, and we want to support their needs with a powerful, easy-to-use e-sign tool.

With Nintex Sign, customers can easily bundle workflow automation and Adobe’s electronic signature technology to make the path to digital transformation easier for both IT and the line of business. This tool expands our users’ “digital transformation toolkit,” both from a solution and management perspective.

3.  What makes this partnership between Nintex and Adobe a strategic one for the marketplace?

There’s been a lot of movement in the market lately with different companies making acquisitions to improve various parts of the content lifecycle.

The content lifecycle includes things like preparing, routing, approving, signing, and managing documents. They are all important, but often difficult to automate from start to finish. It’s difficult because many of these work streams move through different departments, people, and systems of record.

The Nintex Platform was built to solve this exact problem. The Adobe partnership represents a critical combination of best-in-class capabilities that allows for an entire process (and corresponding documents) to be automated – not just part of it. As companies look for ways to digitize processes, the Nintex Platform now offers the market a product that does this better and easier than anyone else out there.

4.  What has your team been working on to develop Nintex Sign? 

The Nintex Platform provides automation tools to on-premises SharePoint and Office 365 customers, as well as via Nintex Workflow Cloud. I’m happy to say that Office 365 and Nintex Workflow Cloud customers can begin using Nintex Sign within their workflows today. The product team is in the process of bringing Nintex Sign to our on-premises customers later this year.

We have a number of compelling new abilities that both the Adobe and Nintex product teams are working on, such as support for multiple agreements, expanded recipient roles, support for Adobe Sign start events, and integration with Nintex Forms.

5.  What makes Nintex Sign stand out from the other e-sign tools out there?

Nintex Sign gives customers more than just a tool, it gives them an enterprise platform. A platform that, in addition to e-sign, includes advanced workflow, modern forms, mobile apps, document generation, process analytics, and most recently process mapping as a result of our Promapp acquisition. These features combine to create make a powerful and unique solution.

6.  Nintex and Adobe were both recently named leaders in Digital Transaction Management (DTM) by Aragon Research. How does Nintex Sign help make our DTM solution even more powerful?

Successful DTM removes elements of a process that are manual, slow, disconnected, and hard to track. Nintex Sign deepens our DTM capabilities by improving our ability to provide a solution that’s fully automated (not just part of the process), faster, easier, compliant, and secure.

Nintex Sign gives our users the power to achieve these benefits seamlessly within their systems of record. We also make it incredibly easy to do!

7.  And this feature is hugely valuable for Salesforce users, correct?

Absolutely. The sales process is obviously a very important one for any company. The steps involved during and after the sales process is complete can be very difficult to automate at scale because there are a lot of steps, documents, people, and subsequent systems involved.

Ideally, your DTM tool will ensure that the right people are involved, errors in the process are reduced, Salesforce records are kept up-to-date, and the process ultimately provides a superior customer experience. This is a problem that Nintex solves quite well.

8.  What are you most looking forward to when it comes to Nintex’s future in the e-signature space?

The innovation opportunities between mobile forms, workflow, and e-signature are compelling. This is especially true when you consider how easy we make it to automate complex processes. That means Nintex will help power more enjoyable customer experiences before, during, and after e-signature needs.

There’s still a lot of processes out there that are incredibly manual and paper driven. If you’ve ever taken out a home loan, you know what I mean. I recently went through this process and it’s amazing to me how much time and paper resources are wasted in the underwriting and closing of a loan.

In a lot of cases, successful digital transformation equates to a faster and more enjoyable (or less painful) customer experience. I’m looking forward to seeing how our customers and partner leverage the Nintex Platform to improve the way people work and the resulting customer experience.


Interested in learning more about Nintex Sign powered by Adobe Sign? Contact us today! 


Haley Burton

Haley Burton has been on the corporate marketing team at Nintex for three years. In her role as Digital Marketing Manager, Haley manages the Nintex corporate websites and blog. She is passionate about digital marketing strategy, graphic and web design, and representing Nintex as the global leader in process management and automation. Follow Haley on Twitter @burtonhf.

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