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Q&A with Nintex Senior Manager of Security & Compliance Monica Bush

Each quarter we’re reminded why Nintex is a great workplace as we celebrate our quarterly Nintex Impact Award winner. The most recent winner, Monica Bush, is the senior manager of security and compliance at Nintex.

Winners of the Nintex Impact Award are a great example of what it means to work at Nintex, and they are one of the reasons we continue to be recognized as a great place to work. Monica has been recognized this past quarter for her tireless efforts to ensure the safety and protection of our customers’ data, as well as the security of the Nintex Platform.

We sat down with her to hear more about her role and its importance for our customers, partners, and employees alike.

1.  What are some of your overall goals and responsibilities in your role as senior manager of security and compliance at Nintex?

I am responsible for the security of the Nintex Platform. My duties include developing a company-wide security policy, performing risk assessments, adhering to compliance initiatives, and identifying the technical, administrative, or physical controls that should be in place to support the mission of information security.

My team works to ensure the following outcomes:

  • Protect the Nintex brand
  • Preserve our customer trust
  • Safeguard our customers’ privacy and personal information
  • Defend the company’s information assets
  • Shield our intellectual property

2.  How did you come to work in security in the technology industry?

I spent 10 of the first years of my career as a developer and taught myself how to code in multiple languages. I loved being involved in projects that changed how people worked or interacted with new and emerging capabilities of e-commerce websites.

My career shifted about 12 years ago when I was assigned to help develop a new identity management system for a very large organization. I worked in the security department and trained as a security practitioner with a focus on ethical hacking. I really enjoy being a thought leader and advocate for application security, as well as preserving the well-being of an organization and its clients.

3.  What are some of your top priorities when it comes to protecting our customers’ information?

Nintex is committed to cybersecurity strategies that protect all data and information provided to us by our customers and partners. Our legal department has outlined our privacy policy that acts as an important guide for customers to know how we encrypt, store, and process data.

Our product development team also must adhere to strict data-handling guidelines when building new products, features, and services on the Nintex Platform. We regularly perform risk assessments and compliance initiatives to ensure that data, application, and product security are top priorities in every aspect of our business.

4.  Cyber and data security is a trending topic these days. Why do you think individuals and organizations are increasing their security efforts?

Security and privacy became front and center for the general public when many highly publicized breaches were announced. These breaches came with potential implications of risk to the impacted individuals’ personal information. Now, consumers and businesses alike demand that strict protections be placed on product or service features.

In addition, the connectedness of information in the age of internet and cloud-based services has increased the scope of potential cybersecurity attacks. Because of these threats, there are now real consequences for not complying with certain standards, like the GDPR legislation recently enacted in the European Union.

Companies of all shapes and sizes are really doubling down on their security measures in order to protect customers, data, and the bottom-line.

5.  What are some best practices for individuals to protect their data and stay compliant in the workplace?

Follow simple rules like keeping your passwords up-to-date and secure. It sounds easy, but many people underestimate the importance of varying your password across different accounts and services. A lengthy, memorable (only to you), and varied password can go a long way toward protecting your personal information.

If you have a hard time remembering your different passwords, you’re not alone. There are services like LastPass, which generate secure passwords and remembers them for you.

6.  You were just named our most recent Nintex Impact Award winner. Can you tell us about the projects you’ve taken on to add value to the Nintex security program?

I appreciate the accolade and recognize that it was made possible because of the great staff across various departments who have supported the security initiatives we’ve put in place at Nintex.

My team is working on a number of projects that aim to support and protect our employees, customers, and partners. Primarily, we are focused on initiatives like our secure software development program, SOC 2 (Service Organization Control) compliance, risk management, vulnerability management, and company-wide employee training programs.

7.  Among other privileges, the Impact Award winner receives $1,500, half of which goes to the charity of your choice. Which cause have you chosen and why?

I’d like to donate to “Girls Who Code,” a charity dedicated to building the largest pipeline of future female engineers in the United States. As a developer back-in-the-day, I was often the only female on the team which makes this cause close to my heart. I also believe it is important to encourage women to join the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields.

I can’t think of a more deserving organization. Girls Who Code is doing great work to empower an entire generation of women.

8.  What is your favorite part of working for Nintex?

People that work at Nintex are truly talented and dedicated to our mission. My colleagues are passionate individuals and collectively committed to doing the very best work, from developing products that change and improve how businesses operate, to ensuring that our customers have the best possible experience with our platform.

I’m proud to be a part of the Nintex family!

Congratulations, Monica!


Interested in working with Nintex? Visit our careers page to view our open positions. 



Haley Burton

Haley Burton has been on the corporate marketing team at Nintex for three years. In her role as Digital Marketing Manager, Haley manages the Nintex corporate websites and blog. She is passionate about digital marketing strategy, graphic and web design, and representing Nintex as the global leader in process management and automation. Follow Haley on Twitter @burtonhf.