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Q&A with Nintex Senior Corporate Counsel Camden Hillas – Aragon Women in Technology Award

Camden Hillas, Nintex Senior Corporate Counsel, was recognized last night as the winner of the 2018 Women in Technology Award in the legal category. The award recognizes outstanding women in technology leadership positions and their ability to drive change in their organizations.

Camden has been with Nintex for nearly three years, working as part of our in-house legal team to support global sales and partner orgs, provide legal guidance to a variety of stakeholders, and partner with the corporate development and finance teams to assist in major deals such as the acquisition of Nintex Promapp® earlier this year.

We sat down with Camden after the awards ceremony last night to discuss her leadership position at Nintex and her contributions to drive success and growth for the company.

1.  Congratulations on receiving this prestigious award! Can you describe your role at Nintex?

Thank you very much! It’s an honor to have been nominated and to receive this award from Aragon. There were so many inspirational women in the legal category this year, and I’m proud to be recognized amongst and by a group of women whom I admire and respect.

I work closely with Jeff Christianson, our Chief Legal Officer, to address any legal questions that come up with respect to running the business. These queries can range from, “Do we want to pursue this trademark in China?” to “If a customer would like to leverage an existing agreement to purchase Promapp®, can we do that?” to assisting with shareholder resolutions—and that sampling was just from these first seven days of December!

Over time, I’ve also become a business partner for our global sales organization, which is an immensely rewarding experience because I get to promote our Platform and interact with our customers.

“What sets Camden apart is her commitment to cross-functional alignment and success,” Nintex CRO Mark Richards writes in his Aragon award submission. “It’s truly a blessing to have such an outstanding business partner. Camden is the consummate professional and strives to incorporate a ‘People Matter Most’ approach in every endeavor.”

Photo of Camden Hillas

2.  Can you talk a bit about your background and what lead you to become in-house counsel for Nintex?

I have always really enjoyed the experience of starting a puzzle. You have a huge number of pieces that are related but not connected, and the work is to create order from chaos efficiently and within a set of defined expectations.

After a brief stint in financial advisory consulting after college, I went to law school in D.C., then served as a judicial law clerk for three federal bankruptcy judges. Working for the government has given me a huge appreciation for the complexity of large organizations, and made me realize the need for digital transformation in the public sector!

After moving into private practice, I wanted to really dig in to be part of a team and to build something over time. Working at Nintex is so rewarding because I get to be a part of many initiatives and collaborate with various teams on a huge range of topics. I’m really grateful to Jeff for bringing me in to be part of the team.

3.  You’ve had a busy year in 2018! Can you talk about your role as one of the only female legal counsel representatives driving the company to success during Thoma Bravo’s acquisition of Nintex?

Earlier this year, Thoma Bravo became the majority investor in Nintex. It was a critical opportunity for Nintex to enter the next stage of growth, and I had the pleasure of working on the due diligence and acting as the internal legal representative as we closed the deal. It was a great chance to act as a champion for Nintex and the company’s future.

Nintex Chief Financial Officer Keith Fujinaga agrees, writing this of Camden in his award submission: “Camden always delivers on her commitments with high quality, jumps in proactively when she sees the need, and operates with mutual respect, all of which are core tenets at Nintex. She was instrumental in completing our recent recapitalization that positions us well to execute on our profitable growth goals.”

4.  But that wasn’t the only acquisition you’ve worked on this year. Nintex recently added to our suite of capabilities by acquiring the process mapping company Promapp®. Can you discuss your role in that deal?

I had a great experience working on the acquisition of Nintex Promapp®.  It was a complex transaction, involving entities and people across several countries. As a member of the deal team and the integration team, I worked with the VP of Corporate Development, Baran Erkel, and the rest of the Nintex Senior Leadership Team to ensure that the process was smooth.

Post-closing, I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with our Nintex Promapp® colleagues to integrate our legal efforts and support our global business.

5.  You’ve also used Nintex technology to improve your day-to-day operations. Can you explain how you’ve automated the legal contract review process at Nintex?

 I am an incredibly enthusiastic customer of our platform! In a partnership with the sales team, we developed a process that’s automated by Nintex Workflow Cloud® to change the process for our sales org to submit requests for contract revisions.

Previously, a seller would have to draft an email, try to determine which information was needed for a legal review, send over revisions from a prospect or customer, go back and forth with legal counsel over email and various word documents, then manually PDF and save the document to Salesforce once we agreed upon a final version with the third party.

Now, we have a Nintex Form that streamlines the necessary information and creates a task for the legal team to review and approve, revise, or finalize. Once we have a final document, it is automatically routed and stored in Salesforce.  The automated process eliminates many, many manual steps and saves everyone time.

6.  What do you like most about working for Nintex?

That I never know what I’ll be looking at on any given day, but I always know I’ll enjoy working closely with my coworkers and our customers.

7.  If you had to choose one favorite aspect of our product in the Nintex Platform, what would it be?

I’m going with the lawyer answer here… it depends!



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