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Q&A with Nintex Sales Engineer Dan Burke – SharePoint Fest Seattle

SharePoint Fest Seattle 2018 wrapped up today, and we were able to catch up with Nintex Sales Engineer Dan Burke to talk about Nintex’s presence at the event, how SharePoint administrators should be thinking of Intelligent Process Automation, and more.

1.  Can you describe your role and tell us a bit about what you do at Nintex?

I am a sales engineer with Nintex, so I provide technical assistance to the sales team. I mostly engage with current customers, but I also help our partners by lending them some technical expertise when they are involved in a sales motion.

2.  What have you enjoyed most about this year’s SharePoint Fest Seattle?

SharePoint Fest is always a great time, and this year was no exception.

You really get the best of both worlds – you get to interact with people who work with Nintex every day and are really passionate about the product, and people who are coming into it fresh and wanting to learn what it is we do here.

It’s a really good melding of the minds; a good place to pick up on the latest news, as well as have conversations with people who are impactful within the industry.

3.  What are some new things Nintex has showcased at the event this year?

We’re really focusing on spreading the word about our Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) capabilities. IPA has been the cumulation of our efforts throughout the history of Nintex to provide a platform of capabilities that allow our users to automate, orchestrate, and optimize their business processes across their entire organization.

4.  How should our users think of Intelligent Process Automation in comparison with basic workflow?

Basic workflow tools are important when implementing a digital transformation strategy, but we see a lot of organizations run into problems when they realize they need to expand their digital footprint and connect processes across multiple systems, departments, or stakeholders.

An IPA platform allows users to go beyond those basic workflows and extend the potential and functionality of their automated business processes. Our suite of capabilities extends past simple workflows to include digital forms, mobile apps, and DocGen®, along with integration into RPA and machine learning technologies. The Nintex Platform makes it simple to automate complete, sophisticated processes without having to write a single line of code.

5.  How does Nintex differentiate from other BPM companies that offer enterprise solutions to process automation?

Using a lot of those BPM tools, organizations typically run into an IT bottleneck because the technology is too complex for an end-user to build and maintain on their own. IT becomes the gatekeeper, which mean that employees might be waiting for their requests to be processed by IT for weeks or months.

An IPA platform, on the other hand, provides the ability for end-users to design, interact with, and fully reap the benefits of a no code automation platform. The Nintex Platform is trusted by the IT department, but the tools are easy enough to use that every employee is empowered to automate their own processes – without having to submit a ticket or wait for bottlenecked IT team to build a solution.

6.  What should a SharePoint Administrator really be asking themselves when considering their approach to process automation?

In my past life, I was a SharePoint admin, so this one is near and dear to my heart.

When considering automation, it’s really helpful to make sure your users are enabled to use a tool that will be able to branch across multiple systems and services.

SharePoint is first and foremost a collaboration portal, so the ultimate goal for SharePoint admins is to allow their users to connect and collaborate as easily as possible. Most processes span multiple different systems, and it’s important to take integration capabilities into consideration when evaluating the best automation tools.

7.  What kind of projects are on the Nintex roadmap that you’re excited to introduce to the SharePoint audience?

We have a lot going on here at Nintex!

One of the projects I’m most excited about is Universal Forms. The new forms designer will have the same look and feel and integration capabilities across all environments – including SharePoint, Office 365, and Nintex Workflow Cloud.

Additionally, we recently announced our acquisition of Promapp®, which is very exciting because we’re going to be able to do so much more in process mapping with that tool. It’s really going to be pushing our IPA platform to the next level.


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