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Q&A with Nintex Promapp® Regional Sales Director Sarah Mainprize

As most of our readers know, Nintex has recently acquired New Zealand-based process mapping company Promapp®, adding to our powerful process management and automation platform. As such, we’ve added some talented new employees to our team.

Sarah Mainprize has been on the Nintex Promapp® sales team for four years, and she has recently stepped into the position of Nintex Regional Sales Director. We sat down with her to talk about her exciting new role with Nintex, her thoughts on integrating our leading process tools, and more.

1.  Congratulations on your recent promotion! Can you tell us about your time here and what your role has been at Nintex Promapp®?

Thank you, I’m totally pumped to be in this new role!

I started with Promapp® as an account executive prior to the Nintex acquisition when we were a tiny organization, totaling about 20 people. I was the first full-time employee hired on the ground in Australia and the first hire in the sales team in Australia.

I quickly became passionate about the Promapp® software and have genuinely loved coming to work every day, introducing Promapp® to organizations across Australia.

Since starting with Promapp®, I was also was given the opportunity to trial the sales enablement function, filling the role of sales enablement manager for 10 months before it became a full-time position in our Austin, Texas hub alongside the bulk of our (then new) sales hires. It was an incredible experience to create the Promapp® Sales Playbook and start the framework for enablement in our organization.

2.  You’ve been a key player in helping integrate Nintex and Promapp®’s sales teams and motions. How has your job changed since the companies have joined forces?

With the announcement of the acquisition in July 2018, I embarked on a mission to learn all I could about our new parent company, Nintex. I quickly realized what a truly incredible opportunity this integration presented not only to the Promapp® team, but also for our customers, prospects, and the market at large.

I strongly believe this integration is set to shake up the industry and become a real game changer in the business process management and automation space.

As a result, the change surrounding the integration was embraced, not just by myself as an individual, but by the Promapp® team as a whole.

It has been awesome to see our organization adapt to change, which is a real testament to the leadership of Ivan Seselj and Richard Holmes – our co-founders. I am thankful to our leaders for truly preparing us for this awesome journey as we join forces with Nintex.

Now that Nintex and Promapp® are one, I have been given the opportunity to step out of my role as account executive and am now responsible for the Nintex Promapp® account executive team as the regional sales director for APAC.

3.  What are you most excited about integrating our sales efforts?

I believe that the Nintex Promapp® team has a diverse set of skills, and we can learn a lot from one another. The opportunity to learn is what I am really most excited about.

Nintex has historically been strong at going to market via a partner model, and Promapp® has organically grown through a direct sales model. As we integrate into one Nintex, I strongly believe these strengths will be complementary to one another and will make us stronger as a team.

4.  What are you most excited about integrating our technology platforms?

If I had a dollar for every time a prospect or client asked me: ‘But can you automate that?’! Having a solution for organizations to not just map, manage, and optimize their processes, but also automate those processes once they are properly understood and governed, is something the market has been screaming out for.

Automation is at the forefront of people’s minds in this era of disruption. Organizations are using their ability to automate as a way to get ahead of the competition in terms of efficiency and profitability, so it’s important that we create quality processes that are worth automating in the first place.

With these toolsets combined, we’re set to be a force to be reckoned with!

5.  What have you heard from customers about the acquisition?

Clients are elated and can hardly wait to start using the combined platform. The great thing for clients already using Nintex Promapp® extensively is that they have done all the hard work by mapping, managing, and optimizing their processes.

Automation is the logical next step in their journey towards operational excellence, and this will open more opportunities to do so in a single suite of products.

6.  What are you most proud of in your time at Nintex Promapp®?

I would have to say a proud moment for me was seeing our teams come together and respond so positively to the announcement of the Nintex acquisition. It feels great to be working with a bunch of people who embraced this change so openly, which is reflective of our culture and our core values as an organization.

But what I am most proud of is not only being part of Promapp®’s rapid growth which resulted in our acquisition by Nintex, but also having the opportunity to lead my talented team through the transition within an even bigger organization that is very much aligned in terms of culture and values.

This is such a unique opportunity and one that I am so proud to be a part of.

7.  What is your favorite part of working for Nintex Promapp®?

I most enjoy having the opportunity to work with equally passionate people day-in, day-out, and learning all I can from them.


Interested in learning more about Nintex Promapp®? Visit the website to get started today! 


Laetitia Smith

Laetitia Smith is a senior manager on Nintex’s corporate marketing team and is based in Auckland, New Zealand. In her global role, she leads and executes PR/AR initiatives and the company’s social media program. She loves collaborating with customers to share their success stories as they manage, automate, and optimize their business with their technology.

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