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Q&A with Nintex Promapp Customer Success Director James Ross

When James Ross joined Promapp in 2012, it was a start-up business with almost ten years under its belt. Based in New Zealand, the Promapp team consisted of nine individuals, with their client base totaling 149 organizations.

Now servicing some of the biggest brands in the world – and recently acquired by Nintex – the team’s focus remains on using process management to improve the way people work, with the exciting new addition of process automation. We chatted to James about his role at Nintex Promapp and what lies ahead for the Nintex Promapp Customer Success Team.

1.  Welcome to the Nintex team! What does your role as Director of Customer Success involve?

The customer success team is excited about the possibilities available to our clients, thanks to the combination of the Nintex and Nintex Promapp capabilities.

Process improvement is about momentum, not perfection.

As Director of Customer Success, I focus on making sure we have the right strategies in place to delight customers throughout their Nintex Promapp journey, spanning from onboarding to adoption to advocacy. To do that efficiently, we follow a set of processes that we review constantly so that we can continually improve the way we do things.

The customer success team consists of talented individuals who focus on projects that will help us achieve our customer-centric goals. In my capacity as the leader of the team, I take a personal interest in supporting them to achieve their objectives.

2.  What do you believe is at the heart of successful customer success management?

Building relationships. By creating meaningful connections with our customers, they trust us to help them become more productive. Organizations have different business priorities and desired outcomes – it’s our job to understand those and help businesses unlock real value.

Fortunately, our customer success managers are all process nerds, so they’re well-equipped to help organizations develop their skills in process improvement. We have experience with organizations across multiple industries who have faced varied process improvement challenges, so we aren’t short of practical tips that teams can trial and then implement.

At the end of the day, processes are about people, which is why many of our clients have achieved great success by creating forums and groups like process centers of excellence. These groups are successful because they focus on taking people on the process improvement journey with you, rather than issuing a directive or launching into a project that doesn’t have the buy-in of your teams.

3.  If you had to name the top three things customers love about Nintex Promapp, what would they be?

We consistently get feedback from our customers about how much they love Nintex Promapp’s simplicity. Because it’s easy for people to use, teams across the organizations can quickly start mapping their processes and integrating the platform into their business-as-usual.

Teams also appreciate the way Nintex Promapp enables collaboration and drives team engagement. The software makes it easy to share processes and give improvement suggestions and puts process ownership in the hands of the people who use the processes every day.

Thirdly, a common challenge for organizations is how to make accurate information accessible to teams no matter where they are. Nintex Promapp provides teams with a central repository of information, a single source of truth to keep everyone on the same page and help them achieve efficiencies.

4.  What can customers get excited about, now that Nintex has acquired Promapp?

Nintex, as the leader in workflow and process automation, and Promapp, as the process management platform that teams love to use, are a powerful combination. Together we offer our customers access to more products to help manage and automate their processes.

There is also the added benefit of using functionality that is designed to scale on the back of a large global organization.

5.  What are your team’s top priorities right now?

Over the next six months, the Nintex Promapp customer success team will focus on achieving a high net promoter score, which is a measure that assesses the loyalty of our customer relationships.

We will execute three main tasks to add real value to our customers:

  • Create playbooks, so our customers can more easily construct a center of excellence, and add depth to their existing initiatives
  • Build learning material, making it easy for our customers to access online content and equipping them to elevate the importance of process improvement in their organizations
  • Develop certification programs and enhance our onboarding methodology, to give our customers a unique experience that accommodates their individual needs

6.  What’s in the pipeline that you think is going to enhance our customers’ journeys?

We believe in empowering our customers with process management skills and know-how, so they can work more efficiently. Many are preparing their processes for optimization and automation, and Nintex Promapp does a great job of helping organizations evaluate how ready their processes are for this step.

To help our customers future-proof their processes, we’ll conduct centralized training sessions to upskill them on capturing processes that are easy to understand and follow. We’ll also invite them to make use of the training material through our learning management system so that they can share it with others in their organizations and ensure a consistent learning experience.

Lastly, by providing our customers with access to the Nintex community they can post Nintex Promapp-specific questions and get feedback from other organizations who have helpful advice to share.

7.  If you weren’t coming to work to provide a first-class experience for our customers, what would you be investing your energy in?

I’m heavily involved with district cricket in Auckland, New Zealand, and would love to have more time to develop young cricketers to take their game to the next level.

District cricket, a step up from club cricket, involves the best club players who compete against other districts. The next level of competition for these players is representing their country, first in under-17 or under-19 tournaments, and then becoming professional cricketers. I have a passion for creating pathways for these young players to achieve their dreams.

8.  What do you love about working at Nintex Promapp?

The people are amazing! Not just in my team, but the whole organization. We live by our core tenets to respect one another which creates a collaborative environment that encourages people to participate.

Within the customer success team, people are focused on going the extra mile for each and every one of our customers. It’s an attitude that creates standout experiences for our customers and makes me proud to be part of the team.


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Laetitia Smith

Laetitia Smith is a senior manager on Nintex’s corporate marketing team and is based in Auckland, New Zealand. In her global role, she leads and executes PR/AR initiatives and the company’s social media program. She loves collaborating with customers to share their success stories as they manage, automate, and optimize their business with their technology.

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