Q&A with Nintex HR Business Partner Shirley Li – 2018 Australian HR Awards

Nintex was recently named a finalist in the ‘Best Use of Technology’ category of the 2018 Australian HR Awards. The award recognizes the achievements of outstanding HR professionals, teams and companies across 20 categories.

Shirley Li, a member of our Human Resources team here at Nintex, spearheaded the effort to implement our own Nintex technology to automate HR processes across our offices globally. We sat down with Shirley to discuss how automation has streamlined internal HR processes and improved employee experiences.

1. Can you tell us a bit about your role and what you do here at Nintex?

I am the HR Business Partner for the AMER region. I wear many hats and look after the whole employee lifecycle and benefits, and I partner with our managers to ensure that our initiatives are aligned with Nintex’s overall strategy.

Most recently, a big focus for my role has been to automate and update our HR processes (using our own Nintex Platform capabilities!) so that we have easy and consistent processes that we can follow globally.

2.  Nintex was recently named a finalist in the Best HR Technology Strategy category in the 2018 Australian HR Awards. What does this award mean to your team?

The Nintex Platform provides many solutions to help HR professionals manage and automate their day-to-day tasks, like employee onboarding and offboarding, performance reviews, and leave requests.

Being named a finalist for this award means that our industry recognizes the importance of using technology to become more effective in our roles. It also means that Nintex has done a great job of automating and updating our own processes.

3.  Can you describe what makes Nintex’s HR technology strategy distinguishable?

As a business partner, my role is to ensure that the people I support have appropriate tools that are easy to use. We leveraged Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms to automate our mission-critical processes, such as opening roles and quarterly check-ins.

Previously, these processes were done inconsistently depending on the region or historical practice. This is a challenge that I think all HR professionals can appreciate, and we have been able to align our global management team to one compliant, consistent, and effective process – all using one easy online form.

4.  As a global HR organization, what are some challenges your team faces, and how do you navigate them?

Like any other global team, we don’t have the benefit of coming into the same office, or even being in the same time zone. This can sometimes cause delayed communications or miscommunication. 

Regular one-on-ones and team calls, as well as our automated day-to-day processes, ensure that we are all in lock-step for all of our internal initiatives. Our global team is made up of very like-minded individuals, which I think plays a big role in our ability to foster Nintex as a great place to work in all regions.

5.  What kind of activities and events do you organize for Nintex employees as part of the ‘Work Well at Nintex’ program you’ve established? 

The ‘Work Well’ program in the AMER region focuses on three pillars: financial, mental and physical wellness.

We provide tools for employees to be able to reach out to counselors for 401k and other financial advice, as well as nutritional and personal advice. We also provide various opportunities throughout the year for employees to try new activities with their team members. Past events have included bubble soccer, fun runs, indoor rock climbing, and office Olympics.

Not only is it important to promote a healthy lifestyle, but I believe that this helps to foster a more inclusive and fun workplace.

6.  What is usually your favorite event or activity hosted by Nintex?

My favorite activity is our annual summer picnic. This family-friendly event encourages team members to include their families on this fun day. I think it’s important to recognize that Nintex employees have lives outside of the office, and spending time with each other’s families gives us a valuable opportunity to get to know our teammates more.

7.  Can you describe the workplace culture in our global offices?

I am proud to say that the workplace culture in all of our offices, including the teams from Nintex Promapp® and Nintex DocGen® for Salesforce, are all very fun, inclusive and welcoming!

Five years ago, I decided to join Nintex because of its rich culture. I have been at Nintex through a lot of fast growth and two acquisitions, and the culture is one thing that has not changed.

I thoroughly enjoy all of the people that I work with every day, as well as all of the global team members that I get to meet and see when they visit. Everyone here is truly interested in the success of their team mates, and we’re truly a family here at Nintex.


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