Q&A with Nintex CCO Josh Waldo

Josh Waldo brings a wealth of experience in the world of partner strategy and programs, marketing, and customer advocacy to his role as Chief Customer Officer at Nintex.

As CCO, Josh is keenly focused on customer success to ensure every organization that uses the Nintex Platform to automate, orchestrate, and optimize processes is getting the most out of their investments to deliver their business outcomes.

Read today’s post to understand more about his team’s newest initiatives and Josh’s goals to give our customers all the resources they need to be successful.

1.  How do you define customer success?

Customer success is a business strategy and it’s all about value. It also requires a change in mindset for everyone at a company. That is, to think about and to deliver customer value in everything.

When a customer realizes the value in products (in our case technology) that they’ve purchased, everyone benefits. The reciprocal relationship mutually grows, and repeats in a virtuous cycle. This is when we know we’ve hit the core of customer success.

2.  Why is customer success important for a SaaS company like Nintex?

Software as a service (SaaS) providers like Nintex must be proactive with their customers to make sure everyone receives a great experience. Customer success is more than traditional inbound customer services. It is also outbound, and it starts from day one.

At Nintex, there are a number of initiatives that we are launching to ensure the success of our customers as well as our partners.  We deliver partner success alongside customer success because so many of our customers work with our worldwide network of partners to automate, orchestrate, and optimize their business processes.

Enterprise organizations today benefit from the vested interests of SaaS providers who work to ensure that those who purchase their SaaS offering get the most value out of it.

If customers aren’t happy with their purchase, they will either tell you – or most likely leave to go buy a competitive product that offers more ease and flexibility. No one wants to lose a customer to a competitor. Be a customer-centric organization, and success will follow.

3.  How has Nintex evolved into a SaaS provider?

Nintex was founded by two Australian entrepreneurs who developed an easy-to-use perpetual, on premises workflow automation solution that initially integrated with Microsoft SharePoint.

In those early days, the post-sale was pretty straightforward as a Nintex partner would typically install our technology on-premises for the customer as part of a project. Since then, our business and technology capabilities have grown – and so have our customers’ expectations.

As Nintex has transitioned to a SaaS model, we recognized that in order to be successful we needed to deliver an outbound, repeatable experience for every customer from day one. And in most cases, in concert with our partners.

Today, our platform works across major ecosystems such as Microsoft and Salesforce to easily connect people, systems of record, and processes to drive business outcomes.  In fact, our cloud-first platform, Nintex Workflow Cloud, is being used by organizations worldwide to improve the way people work by putting easy-to-use Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) capabilities in the hands of IT and ops professionals.

4.  How are you ensuring customer success from Day One?

I’m excited to share that last month we launched an improved, robust onboarding experience for our new customers.

Here’s how it works:

After a new deal is closed (contract is signed), we use the Nintex Platform to digitally generate a customized welcome packet. The kit includes key Nintex and partner contacts, as well as all of the relevant resources for getting set up and moving forward with the robust capabilities of our platform, including workflow automation, document generation, forms, mobile apps, process intelligence, and more.

The automated process was built with Nintex Workflow Cloud and starts by gathering the customer details from Salesforce (our CRM system). It then routes the welcome packet through a network of reviewers and approvers. Various assigned account contacts are able to quickly review, redline, and route the welcome packet to our external partners, who can easily add in additional details via a Nintex Form.

Once the packet is finalized, it is automatically emailed to our new customer. Our adoption manager (which is a new role) and the assigned account manager then set up a call with the customer and partner to walk everyone through all available resources and the steps needed to ensure a successful implementation.

5. What role do Nintex partners play in our customer success programs?

Nintex is a partner-centric business. Our founders chose a partner distribution model instead of a direct one to accelerate our growth. And it worked. Today, Nintex has more than 7,500 customers in more than 90 countries.

Our robust partner network is a unique asset in the world of customer success. Instead of relying only on the finite resources of just one company, we have thousands of advocates within partner organizations globally. These individuals and teams bring broad and deep skillsets across virtually every industry. They also are doing business in local languages, understand local cultures, and societal norms which all helps to make Nintex more relevant to the needs of our customers.

Granted, a partner approach like ours is fairly rare within the technology industry where most companies start selling direct and then move back into a partner model. Our robust partner network may make an outbound customer success program a bit more complicated, but we are committed to delivering an amazing customer experience with our partners working by our side toward the same goal.

Our partners also give our company a distinct competitive advantage that also offers big benefits for Nintex customers.

6.  What is the new Customer Central portal?

I’m really excited about the new Customer Central that my team has worked hard to build. Now live at customer.nintex.com, the portal is a centralized location for enablement, resources, and more.

Nintex customers can quickly and easily:

  • Manage service requests, tickets, and contracts
  • View contract and renewal information
  • See the telemetry of their usage of the Nintex Platform
  • Gain access to a number of self-help resources and training programs

To create our new Customer Central portal, we used the same baseline infrastructure from our very successful Partner Central. We know that if the format works for our vast partner network, it will certainly work well for our customers!

7.  What other projects are you currently working on that will benefit Nintex customers and partners?

We have a lot of exciting projects in the works. Here is a sample of what is coming:

  • A new training site where customers and partners can get on-demand training and certifications.
  • Upcoming self-help programs in Knowledge Base, Nintex Connect, and a new “how-to” center where we are publishing hundreds of quick videos that show users how to do various things within the Nintex Platform.
  • We have created new customer success roles that will place more focus on these projects. Our adoption manager role aims to help new customers who need additional assistance driving faster adoption, as well as proactive training and support. We are also currently hand-selecting a number of top customers to engage with our new customer success managers. The will focus solely on helping them find success and meet their goals.
  • We launched our customer advisory board this year, consisting of ten members across various industries and geographies, to help guide us forward.

8.  What are you most excited about looking into the future of Nintex?

There is so much to be excited about on the technology front. Take Nintex Workflow Cloud, our innovation roadmap, and the emerging Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) market – to name a few. I’m excited to bring our vision further to life for customers and partners.

What is clear is that the future of Nintex is bright, especially when we combine our vision and our drive to execute on that vision to provide continuous value to our customers and partners.

Interested in learning more about the Nintex Platform? Visit the Nintex Learning Center today. 



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