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Q&A with VP of Channel Strategy Joe Peterson – Nintex at Microsoft Inspire

Nintex is looking forward to connecting with our partners, learning more about new innovations from Microsoft, and showcasing Nintex’s leadership in Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) at Microsoft Inspire July 15-19 in Las Vegas.

Joe Peterson, VP of channel and strategy,  works closely with our partners to ensure that they and our customers enjoy success using the Nintex Process Platform. We sat down with him to discuss Nintex’s presence at Microsoft Inspire this year.

1.  What are your roles at Nintex and how do they relate to our presence at Microsoft Inspire this year? 

My team’s focus will be two-fold at Inspire. We will be focusing on showcasing Nintex as the leader in IPA and increasing awareness about our best-in-breed technology. We’ll also be drumming up awareness and excitement about our fantastic partner program, recruiting new partners, and meeting with existing partners.

2.  Who are the Nintex representatives attending Inspire and what are their goals there?

We’re gearing up our partner teams to make the most of our time at Inspire. We’ll have strategic partner managers, partner account managers, partner communications specialists, and, of course, technical evangelists (TEs) at the event this year.

Each role will have its own function but our main objectives, as I mentioned, are to meet with and recruit partners, and spread the word that users can do a whole lot more with Nintex than simply creating forms and workflows in SharePoint.

3.  What can customers and partners expect to see from Nintex at Inspire this year?

I would say the primary topic this year will be IPA. The inception of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and the practical applications of artificial intelligence (AI) are really coming into the conversation this year. Nintex partners and customers can really benefit from that momentum in the market if they take advantage of IPA.

4.  Which sessions is Nintex hosting and what are they going to feature?

This year, the Nintex booth will feature a small theater where Vadim Tabakman, Brad Orluk, and our TEs will showcase our newest features for Office 365 and demonstrate how the Nintex Platform is used to help the IT department streamline their processes.

Brad will also join Nintex Product Marketing Director Mike Lewis for two theater sessions. The first demonstrates how users can automate processes across their Microsoft stack using the Nintex Platform, and the second is presented in conjunction with Avanade to discuss how IPA solutions can do everything from protecting data to powering enterprise-wide IoT automation.

 5.  What aspect of the event are you most looking forward to?

I always love the opportunity to sit down with our partners, learn what’s important to them and what gets them excited about our product. I want to get feedback about how we can make a bigger difference in their business – because that is our ultimate goal.

6.  What are the benefits of being a Nintex partner?

The primary factor that I would say differentiates our partner program is what I call ‘white glove service.’ Our partner managers work hard to make sure that we take care of our customers and our partners. If there’s a problem, we fix it. If a partner needs a helping hand, we will jump on a call.

We’ve also done a lot of work to create great onboarding and training programs that we make available for free, so that our partners can acquire certifications and differentiate themselves in the market.

7.  How does Intelligent Process Automation align with Microsoft’s latest innovations in their platform?

Intelligent automation sounds like it’s just all about AI. But my message is that you could break it down to a more basic level and say, “We’re going to take information that’s been gathered, and we’re going do something with it that allows us to make smart choices and eliminate human error and intervention.”

So, the more intelligent the technology becomes with Microsoft stack, the more possibilities arise for our own IPA platform. Microsoft’s roadmap helps us determine how we can further enhance our own capabilities and help shape the future of the modern, intelligent workplace.

8.  Is there anything else you’d like Inspire attendees to know about Nintex’s presence in Vegas?

There is always a way to partner with Nintex. We have some lightweight partnerships, we have some self-serve partnerships, and we have some that involve significant joint go-to-market activities. We want to talk to anyone who works with customers on process automation, and we want to help you become as successful as possible. 

I want partners to get creative with us. What solutions can we create together that solve real-world problems? The more feedback and inspiration we can get from them, the more innovative and effective our solutions will be.

We wouldn’t be here without our partners. Nintex would not be in the position we are today without partners acting as champions for us. Seeing those relationships grow and evolve over time has been a very special experience, and our presence in Vegas is about them.


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