Q&A with the Nintex German team

We conducted a round-robin of sorts with a few of our newest Nintex colleagues in Germany. We had the pleasure of interviewing Kathi, Marcus, and Sven to hear about their experience in the recent time they’ve joined the team.

Katharina Kemper (Kathi), Field Marketing Manager – 8 mos at Nintex

1. Could you provide a brief overview of your ‘All-Star’ German team?

The team consists of two Senior Solution Managers, Marcus and Sven, the Account Manager Holger, Rainer, Cosima who is responsible for Customer Success, and Julia supports the partners as Partner Account Manager.

We are also in close contact with our German colleagues in the UK, who support us in inside sales. These people include Adelina, Pierre, Marco, Anithan, and Stefan.

2. How long have you been with Nintex and what is your role with the team? (How do you interact, support, etc.)

I have been with Nintex for 8 months and represent the marketing for the DACH region as Field Marketing Manager.

As for my role and responsibilities, they are quite varied. In a wide range of activities, I establish Nintex on the German-speaking market. With the support of the German team, I develop the strategies and ideas for these. That means I build campaigns that are distributed through our channels or work with partners that further increase our reach and generate revenue.

The UK and the US are also very supportive and important parts of my work. I’m constantly in close contact with many areas to bring out the best for the region.

3. How is the team finding ways to stay connected?

We do not have an office in Germany, but we still manage to stay well-connected. Almost every day we exchange information with each other, talk about new ideas, or even have a short virtual chat just to say “hey”.

4. What is something unique that you have learned about your teammate Marcus?

Marcus is a great person. He is not only technically very well positioned, but also human. He is open-minded, has a very cordial manner, and has creative ideas. He is a very supportive person. I would miss Marcus as a colleague if he were to leave my team.

Marcus Kueppers, Senior Solutions Engineer – recently celebrated 1 yr at Nintex

5. Tell us a little about your experience since you’ve joined Nintex.

I don’t even know where to start. It has been an exciting year at Nintex so far as I have been able to experience so many great things – so many that I would need a separate article.

The best part about my experience thus far has been realizing how incredible it is that we work together in a global team to achieve our goals. 

6. What made you want to work for Nintex?

The product portfolio – especially Nintex Promapp® and Nintex Workflow Cloud – was one of the decisive criteria for me, but also the people I encountered during the application process.

Here you see that people are the most important.

7. What do you do in your role as Senior Solutions Engineer?

In this role, I help familiarize our partners, customers, and interested parties with the Nintex Process Platform. Of course, we offer extensive ways to optimize our solutions, so everyone has an opportunity to participate in the functionalities. Also, an important part of my role is working on Proof of Concepts and completing RFIs.

8. Do you have any common interests with your colleague, Sven?

We even have two things in common. On the one hand, we have a similar passion for technology and software. On the other hand, the brewing of beer.

We have another thing in common – namely our families. Like me, Sven is an absolute family man.

9. Are there any other clues you can give us about Sven – favorite holiday, etc.?

Sven’s preferred vacation destinations are mostly on the water, as he has had a boating license for several years.

Sven Berling, Senior Solutions Engineer – 9 mos at Nintex

10. Can you share a highlight or goal you have accomplished in your first year at Nintex?

I have worked a lot with Nintex RPA and have found that we really have the no-code/low-code approach in all products.

That made it possible for me to get into the new products very quickly and to be very deep into the topic after only 3 months with Nintex and to offer in-depth support to our partners and customers.

11. Does the team have a mantra or motto? 

Mantra, maybe not – but we all have the same goal – to place our highly versatile products in the DACH market. The Nintex Workflow Cloud has an enormous potential to be successful here.

This, together with our partners, is a great task.

12. How does your role integrate with the rest of the team?

The brilliant thing is that we actually know all our strengths and weaknesses and, true to our company motto, we are also quite open with each other. This makes working together really fun.

13. What have you learned about your teammate Kathi in the time she has joined the team?

About Kathi – great person, super professional, and very knowledgeable in her field. It is great to work with her.



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Annie McIntosh

As a member of the Nintex Corporate Marketing team, Annie McIntosh spends her time creating content and delivering great experiences for Nintex customers and partners.

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