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Putting an End to Paper at the Insurance Fraud Bureau of Massachusetts

Information workers have grown accustomed to being able to access the data and tools they need to do their jobs, whenever they need it, no matter the industry. However, many organizations face a common obstacle preventing them from achieving this kind of accessibility and productivity – paper.

The Paper Problem

Paper-based processes present a number of challenges to productivity in the workplace. In fact, typical office workers will spend up to 40 percent of their time looking for paper documents, the majority of which will be outdated within three months.

Paper also presents a serious environmental impact. According to a study from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the average employee goes through 10,000 sheets of paper a year, costing businesses $80 per employee each year.

And that’s not accounting for the time lost spent looking for misfiled paper documents.

In today’s modern workplace, there is no place for paper-based processes and/or documentation. The cost of paper, both fiscally and to productivity, is driving enterprises across all industries to ditch paper and digitally transform their business processes.

Paper and the Insurance Fraud Bureau of Massachusetts

The Insurance Fraud Bureau of Massachusetts (IFB), an investigative agency dedicated to the elimination of fraudulent insurance transactions, struggled with managing the paper documents and processes necessary for its investigations. Each year, the IFB conducts approximately 4,000 potential cases of fraud for criminal prosecution.

When opening a new case the IFP would traditionally collect all paper documents in a box, and then deliver them to the investigator the next time someone visited their regional office. Meanwhile, the IFB investigator assigned the new case would often wait up to a week before all documentation made it to their desk.

Once all materials made it to the investigator, since 80 percent were paper-based anyone else involved struggled with limited visibility. The paper-based processes impeded team communication, wasted investigators time having to track down documents, and delayed the resolution of investigations.

Frustrated by delays, searching for documents, and limited accessibility, the IFB needed a better solution.

From Paper to Digital Process Automation

The Insurance Fraud Bureau of Massachusetts’ IT Development Manager Ira Dubrow brought in KnowledgeLake to help build a solution that would address their challenges. KnowledgeLake implemented a content management solution utilizing its proprietary software, SharePoint, and the Nintex Platform.

With these technologies, the IFB has been “transforming” its paper documents to digital documents. Paper documents related to cases are scanned and metadata for document search and retrieval is attached using KnowledgeLake Imaging for SharePoint and KnowledgeLake Capture.

Once all the documents are added to the system, Nintex workflows route the documents to the assigned investigator and notify team members when they can access them. The workflows also trigger actions and can assign relevant tasks related to the documents.

With the Nintex solution, all documents are put into a central document library, tagged to the correct case, and routed accordingly. There are no delays in distributing case documents to investigators and all documents are easily accessible to all team members involved.

Thanks to ease-of-use and its drag-and-drop functionality, the IFB was able build and adjust workflows on the Nintex Platform from day one. “We were creating our first Nintex workflow four hours after it was installed. We were productive right off the bat,” adds Dobrow.

If an investigation results in a fraud finding and goes to prosecution, Dobrow can easily adjust the workflow to limit access. Additionally when the IFB’s legal department decided that documents needed to be stored for three years instead of one, the IFB already had a solution in place to manage the storage.

Enhanced Productivity for the IFB

With the Nintex Platform, IFB investigators are productive from the moment a new case is assigned. The Insurance Fraud Bureau of Massachusetts has reduced the handling time of electronic documents by 80 percent, decreased document routing time from up to one week to several hours, and improved team collaboration and visibility with full version control.

The new process has also helped the bureau reduce its copying and printing costs by about $5,000 a year and eliminated the need for paper storage of documents entirely.

The Insurance Fraud Bureau has eliminated its dependence on paper by digitizing its document handling procedures.


Read the case study to learn more about how the IFB is transforming its investigative processes with Nintex.

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