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Promoting a Compliant and Proactive Culture with the Nintex Platform

It is no surprise that one of the UK’s largest water providers would be required to comply with strict government regulations. Increased regulation means increased responsibilities and requirements across all sectors of business. For Nintex customer Northumbrian Water, the requirements of increased regulation affect nearly every level of its operation.

Background: Northumbrian Water

Northumbrian Water, based in the northeastern United Kingdom, supplies water and sewage to approximately 1.3 million properties – more than 2 million people. As a utility provider, the company must comply workers safety regulations, the EU drinking water policy (until Brexit negotiations conclude), as well as environmental regulations. Therefore, effective and efficient processes that help the organization comply with regulation are imperative to Northumbrian Water’s successful operation.

Challenge: Digitally Transform Site Inspection

Northumbrian Water must track the physical condition of hundreds of chemical tanks – some of which reach 50 meters below ground. If the tanks corrode, there is a risk of leaking toxic chemicals that damage the environment and may seriously injure people. In addition, Northumbrian Water could be subject to expensive regulatory fines and even higher civil damages.

Previously, the organization used spreadsheets and paper forms to track the status of chemical tanks. Workers depended on paper and a manual processes that weren’t searchable and didn’t facilitate quick analysis.

Solution: Nintex Platform

With the Nintex Platform and help from technology partner Synergi, Northumbrian Water has completely digitized their entire site inspection process, from data collection to analysis.

Now, remote workers use a mobile device to record tank conditions on a Nintex Form. Once the information is recorded, an automated workflow routes the data to a SharePoint database, where business analysts can use front-end analytics tools to spot and address compliance issues more promptly than ever before. The process leverages Nintex Forms, Nintex Mobile, and Nintex for Office 365.

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Results: Proactive Operations

Using Office 365 helps Northumbrian Water meet environmental regulation requirements, ensure worker safety, enable more efficient and effective operations, and avoid regulatory penalties.

The Nintex solution was created in just three weeks – a quicker alternative to traditional BPM technology, which would have taken over three months to implement. The automated workflow has also helped Northumbrian Water operate more proactively than ever before.

Even better? This successful Nintex implementation was infectious throughout the organizaiton. More and more, Northumbrian Water employees have deployed their own solutions – One of which helps prevent accidents. Northumbrian Water now uses Nintex Forms for Office 365 and Nintex Mobile to create and implement a proactive safety checklist that is completed by employees before they start a potentially dangerous task.

Compliance is an important aspect of every organization’s operations. Intelligent Process Automation can help enforce compliance, resolve possible breakpoints, and improve process efficiency.


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